Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ten days before Christmas

I am reminded of how fortunate i am. A wonderful daughter, a home, car, job, an awesome place to gather on, friends. Thank you Jesus.

i am in the middle of the woods and having difficulty findming my way out. Let me explain. Holidays are tough for me. It is time of reflection and time alone. Most friends are spending time with their families and so interact with people slow way down. My GH family are awesome and they include me in everything. (which i am thankful for) My biological family is on the opposite side of the state. Because of split time with Becca, it makes it difficult to connect with them.

Now i say that not to have a pity party or barrage of comments or cards to come my way. I say it because i think we need to be thankful for what we do have, the friends we share, the family we cherish.

These last 7 years for me have been tough; but i know i have a Savior who loves me and a daughter who likes to hang with me. And that is what will keep me moving.

On an up note, company christmas party is planned -- JANUARY 13th. Yeah, i am not sure how i feel about that one.

A little shout out to the men of watermark - Deurty, Thomps, N8, Jimbo (aka Wally), Mike (my hero), Whitey (aka Brad), and da Roach. You guys are making a huge difference in lives. Keep up the great work! And a special shout out to Whitey and Mike -- you guys put up with me and let me rant and tolerate me not getting stuff done on time or arriving late to play -- Thanks for letting me feel like i am a part of things. it means more than you know. Thanks guys!

and too the watermark ladies - Vicki, amy, Jan, Jan, Brenda, Judy, Shyle and all the rest. Thank you for caring for our children the way you do! I have personally seen the difference in my daughter's life because of what you do with her (not only as a participant at Surf City -- but now especially as a guide).

WOW. cannot let these thing build up. Hug your pastor today. and then really hug his wife! And if they do not have a wife, find their mom and hug her!!!