Friday, September 21, 2007


Yes, yet again, another brave soul enters the blog world. One of Watermark's (my former church family in michigan)core values is to plant churches; reproduce what they are doing in another community.

Rob Paterson is the guy God has chosen to lead the charge. I have only talked to Rob a few times. but what i know about him i like. A man with a strong love of God, his wife and his family.

Anyway, read about his journey as God pushes him.

Should be good stuff.

Friday, September 14, 2007

i am "that guy"

Ok. this is ridiculous. I have an 8 minute trip to work from home. I have to travel up south meridian avenue here in OKC. Meridian is one of the main north/south conduits here. It just so happens that on my end of meridian is under construction. So the traffic is close and it is slow.

One Wednesday, we went to the Golden Palace for lunch. It has a mongolian b-bque which i personally love. Anyway, it was a beautiful day. So i was cruizing the construction zone with my windows down.

As i was rocking to the "classic rock" - sidebar: when did 80's music become classic? - when i here some one in the opposing traffic say to me, "hey how you doing?"

So for the 2 minutes i sat there i had a brief conversation with a total stranger in traffic.

Now that is not bad enough but it happen again a little further down that same stretch.

I am that guy who people like to talk to.

from OKC talking to strangers

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

back in the saddle again

what a wonderful time in western michigan! the weather was amazing. I was able to hang out with my daughter - that was great. Saw my good friends the johnsons and the fischers. Took the thompson family swimming and the thompson boys to their first game of laser tag. We laughed and smiled and eat alot. In addition, i stopped by the watermark offices and ended up playing bass sunday morning. HOW COOL IS THAT!

Well i am back; trying to get my head back in the groove. not so quick story about the trip back. i had not seen one police officer the entire trip until one of my co-workers called and said, jokingly, "don't get stopped".

I took the next exit ramp to get some gas and saw the familiar bubble lights flashing in the mirror. i pulled over and the police officer approached my vehicle. He quized me at some length about where i was coming from, where i was headed, how long i been on the road, etc.... at great length. I answered all the questions and said, "why are we hanging this conversation?" he told me that people have been picking up drugs in mexico and driving them to chicago picking up money and taking it back to oklahoma, texas, or arizona.

and then said, "Would you step out of the car, please?"

I did and he called another cop. He asked me to step over by his car and i said, "Hey i have seen COPS, i know the drill." they laughed. Then they frisked me. I asked if he could call a female cop for that. They did not laugh. That was ackward.
Then they proceed to search my vehicle.

This took 25 MINUTES! after it was all said and done, shook my hand and said have a nice day.

I have decided if it is going to happen - i will be the one it will happen to.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

labor day 2007

Well i greet your from the western michigan area. yes it is true. after some kicking and screaming, i am here for the weekend and the rest of the week. i say kicking and screaming because we are so busy right now with upcoming and existing projects that it is difficult to find time to go to the bathroom - let alone a week time off. but all is good.

i am hanging with the becca. she starts school this week. i cannot believe she is going into 8th grade. wow. things are moving much to fast. but this her last year in middle school and i am sure she will have a good year.

spent the weekend with good friends cooking and laughing. it has been a much needed time for me to relax and let my hair down. started off with a great conversation with my ex and her husband. i cannot explain it but we laughed and talked seriously about some things. it was great!

as time goes on i am reminded more and more how important things are. i have commented on this before. most of my career and the things i accelerate at have to do with technology. Computers and electronics, sound reproduction, acoutical evaluation, lighting, programming, video recording and reproduction etc, is what i do. all of those things and more revole around technology. but what makes me happiest - hanging out with friends, fire optional, talking about things that are going on in life. turning off the tv and picking up the phone. where i work we set up some of the most technically advance systems in the lower 48. stuff that would blow your mind. yet, when it comes to my personal style of worship - acoustic, paper to read words and a good speaker who listens to God.

i am reminded of these things because i am back in west michigan and it is a point of reference for me on my journey. it is great to regroup and refocus.

that about it for now except i am here all week - don't forget to tip your waiters.

hee hee
C of the C