Thursday, September 30, 2004

The fog is lifting

It is foggy in Grand Haven this morning. As I was driving in, I could barely see in front of my car. The fog was thick! I round the corners to park my car and I could not see the tower. For a couple hours, I was having difficulty seeing the bridge. Then the sun came out. And the sky started to clear. I see the fog lifting now; it will be a while before it is completely lifted. Which just makes me think of what Christ does for us. We go thru live living with no direction; much like living in a fog. But it is not until Christ enters that we truly start see and the fog lifts.

More later.
The Fog Horn

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Can Fall really be here?

It looks as though we are in for cool temperatures for a while. I am ok with that. No snow is still good in my book. In fact, from about 12/20 to 01/05 is really enough snow for me.

I am in the tower today. 7 am to 7 pm. I discovered if you open the doors and windows on the 3rd floor and the windows on the 1st floor, a monster breeze flows thru. Did I mention I am doing some odd CAD work on the side? Well, I am. It is good to keep my brain active while doing the tower thing.

Boxes, boxes, boxes. Need I say more. Except moving provides a great opportunity to "weed out" existing inventory if you know what I mean. I am enjoying that.

I think I may have mentioned I am taking on a different role at Watermark. Working with the programming team is great. The team is awesome. We think up some of the craziest things. But all in all, it is exciting to see where God is leading this community of believers.

What can I say? I am excited about the new stuff coming up. Here we are 1 year into this church plant, making more opportunities for people to know Christ. I say it that way because it is two-fold. to come to know and to know more. I really appreciate the attitude and heart which is a part of Watermark.

To God be the glory. Do you remember the mentoring relationships I was involved with? Since moving to this new job, I have had to be more intentional (that was for Gooch) about meeting with them. I recently had coffee with one of the guys at the ministry center downtown GH. You know, Jumpin Java. Anyway, after some conversation, the other guys showed up. After some conversation and confession from the one who is a Christian, the non-believer started talking openly about his life. to make the long story short, he accepted Christ. WOW. 9 months of conversation and relationship building. It was cool. He loves in Holland. So I made some calls to a good friend I know down there who will pick up the ball where I left off.

Were you at Core Focus? Great time with the group. One of the statements that stands out to me was this "you may be #15". I think it is in reference to a song. The moral or morale is this stay at it. Relationships can be difficult. God will provide opporunities.

Gotta get back to work.
Becca's dad

PS. I too share the same feelings expressed by others in the blogsphere. One of our greater minds has fallen and is no longer blogging. a moment of silence for N8. "PAUSE FOR SILENCE". thank you

Monday, September 27, 2004

Programming day


Getting ready to move. It sucks. Boxes all over, cat's upset.

Getting ready for programming.

Gotta go.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It is Tuesday.

Man I am telling you. I had a great weekend and a great Monday. One of the things I am enjoyin about this new job is my schedule. I am able to take my daughter to school. That is awesome. I really enjoy that time.

Saturday was ok.

Sunday was awesome. The gathering was great. Thompson provide the teaching. It was great. Yes, for those that were there. my name does mean "one who drives a cart". I love to drive, but that is a whole different conversation. I went to lunch with a friend I had not seen in a while. That was great. Then I picked up The Boo. We just had some good down time playing games and stuff. Then the road rally. That was fun. We have a great life group. Anyone wanting to check it out - we meet on Sunday evenings usually at Thompsons. It is a great group. Thompson is a crazy driver. I did all I could to slow him down. But he is very competitive.

Monday came. Broke in slow. Took Becca to school. Side note: I hate fund raisers. Especially those that involve candy bars. I think I personally supported Becca's class trip. Anyway, then we had program meeting. What a great meeting. We attacked some issues we are struggling with and came out with a great plan. This team is so passionate about reaching the lost. It is awesome. I sometimes feel really inadequate next to the team, but I am so glad I am a part of it. They certainly push the bar.

Well, its Tuesday. I am in the tower today. Until 7:00 pm. At which time I will go home and make sure the cat is still doing ok.

I am in the middle of packing. Anyone with ideas on where to get boxes (good boxes) please forward that on. I have a couple of weeks and I will be moving.

No other profound thoughts.

Watching the traffic go by,

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Saturday September 18, 2004

What a beautiful day? I am in the tower today. Here until 11:00 pm tonight. There are many boats a floating today. There is a big festival - The Salmon Fest - this weekend here. So there are many more people around than normal.

So I was review the past week and looking forward to the week ahead. Tomorrow begins a new week. Not sure whether I was headed with that thought.

Kitten update: The kitten is doing great. Or should I say cat. In April, he could fit in my hand. In June, he weighed in at 6 pounds. In July, he weighed in at 9 pounds. Ok, this is the point where the vet scolded me for the cat's weigh. Well, we took him in this week and he weighs 12 pounds. But on an up note, he is declawed - front only - and that other thing that responsible pet owners do are both taken care of.

Tomorrow is going to be a great gathering. I really love Sundays. I look forward to them.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hello, my friend, hello

just called to let you know...

What the?

What a great couple of days. I met with the fellas for programming yesterday and sat in on the staff lunch today. I am slowly emmersing... what. I recently was asked to upgrade my responsiblities at Watermark. We have a need for a production director on sunday mornings. The PD will be responsible primarily for timing. In addition, there is a list of other things. Coordination and comunication. Encourage and accountibility. I am excited because I can help shape the vision during programming and then implement at the gathering. I am excited about that. I think it is something God has opened up. It is a logical next step for Watermark.

Today, we broke bread together. No really - lunch. Gooch, Nate, Wally, Pot, Roach and Mrs. Roach (what) and Jayz. What a crew. Creativity was flying. Deur was missed. Shout out to Steve. and a moment of silence................... enough. It was cool to hear what is going on in each life. Had a great convo with Pot about music composing and the passion in his life. As I sat there, I realized I was the oldest. Suck.

Anyone know what 242 is? More later.

I received some clarification today. Let me explain. I have had some conversations with the fellas what our culture at Watermark. It was really cool to hear about the next phase of development. Watermark is all about developing it's people; reproducing characteristics in people. I am was encouraged when they laid the vision out. All I can say is this: the future looks awesome. God is at work. I know I am not giving any details. To be honest, I am not sure the fellas are ready to annouce the next steps. Please pray for the guys. They are being stretched. Year two is going to be great.

I am watching the STUPIDEST show on tv right now. Fox is the one station that comes in clear. The show is called elimidate. I am not even going to go into the premise of this show. Avoid it at all costs. I feel my IQ falling.

Well, anyway, signing off

Saturday, September 11, 2004

the weekend is here

I am just finishing up a long night at the bridge. I am having creativity block. Gooch wanted me to work on some video stuff for Sunday's gathering and I am blocked. No worries though. I will get a hold of him and brainstorm some things later tonight.

Pick up becca in a few hours; after I get some sleep that is. Spent part of last night at the Johnson's house. Yes, a flame was lit. Conversation was great.

No new revelations. I am struggling with my bible reading right now. I was talking to Jeff about this last night. We, Jeff, Gooch and I, have commited to reading the chronological bible and hold each other accountable. We are somewhere in the old testament in the Moses/Aaron domain. yikes.

Anyway, in another hour my work week is complete and I will have a few days off.


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

How you doin?

I am overlooking the Grand River today. It is amazing what you see up here. People are crazy driving across that bridge. I love it when I hear a horn honk. It is one of two things: I believe it is my fan club just saying hi - both positively and negatively. Because there is an increase in honking, I know the fact that I am a bridge operator is getting around. I like it when people wave and honk. I would like remind some that they need to wave with their WHOLE hand not just one finger. That you, Dennis Jackson for reminding all of us of that fact.

Did that camping thing this weekend with the Boo. It was so much fun. Within 1/2 hour we had the camp set and ready for fire. So we jump in our swimming attire and headed off to the pool. Becca is part fish - no really I am convinced somewhere in her background is a mermaid. In and out up and down. She had a great time. I thought I may as well jump in. Right? Holy cow, Batman. THAT WATER WAS FREEZING. Do you think that fact came up while talking to Becca? NOOOO! I am often amazed at the intestinal fortatude (that was for Gooch and Deur) that kids have. Their ability to adapt and adjust not only physically but mentally or socially.

Did I mention I met my neighbors camping? talked about life, camping, the weekend. We shared some smores. Talked alittle about Jesus (hey - they brought it up). By the end of the two days, I think I had the opportunity to pray with a couple of them about things in their life.

Which again brings me to the point that I know I have brought up several times. Look for the opportunity to get to know someone. Share part of your life, your story. Look for God to move and then walk thru the door. I am sure it was alittle awkward for them when I started talking. It was for me. Yet God provided an opporunity to talk, get to know, and influence. Now I do not know what will happen as a result. I know this: I was able to plant some seeds. I pray God will not let the seeds die. Only He knows the outcome.

Sign off from the Bridge

Saturday, September 04, 2004

The long weekend is here.

I had a great fire side session the other night Jeff and Gooch. I love these guys because we are like minded on lots of issues. We challenged eah other in areas we need to be challenged in. One of the areas is in reading scripture. Guy, I have such a rebellious spirit this way. Once I start reading , it is great. I am walking away with some new to chew on and think about. And i that process, God speaks. The problem is I hate actually sitting down and doing it. I know what you are thinking. Goodness, you are 38 years old, grow up and get it done.

I totally agree.

Jeff and I really feel like the time is now to launch our ministry idea. We have been baking this idea for quite some time and it is finally taking shape. If we are all ministers, what does that look like for you? Your spouse? Your family? Your extended family? Your job? What does that look like. We are convinced that our passion for the next generation is growing more and more. Jeff has a burning passion for youth pastors and leaders, local mission, and serving the community. I have a passions for worship and technical excellence and the emerging church. We both have a passion for the lost. I know I am "skiming" over detail. Jeff and/or I would love to talk to anyone who is more interested in detail.

I guess we have really bought into the Watermark philosphy. You are a minister. Go and "be the church".

I am rambling. I guess what I am saying, and have said before, is this - watch for the opportunity. God will provide the right time, the right person in the right place for you to develop relationships. If we watch how Jesus handled things, he listened; he prayed; he interacted; he served; he provided leadership and vision; he taught; he touched people lives with his message: God is relentlessly pursuing us. He wants to be in right relationship with us.

More thoughts later,

Thursday, September 02, 2004

What a beautiful day?

I am in the tower today. Unbelieveable! there is a slight breeze and the sun is shining. I love watching traffic - water and autos. I turned down a trip on the Lake this morning. Jeff and Tim - friends for long time - were out on the "pond" this morning. I am glad I did. I was sick this morning bad.

This was the first time the cat - Tigger - saw me sick. It is pretty funny, now. Then it wasn't. He could not figure out what was happening. Tigger is an interesting cat. He does some amazing things. More later.

I mentioned eariler I am reading a new book. The book is good. It has helped me focus some things differently. Which always puts me in an evaluation mode. Time is such a precious commodity. We crave more of it and there is only so much. I was conversing with a friend of mine the other day. We were talking about her daughter who just started the 9th grade at a new school. I say new only because it is a different location and different schedule. She was telling me about the summer and the things they were doing together. I could not help to think where did the summer go? What am I doing to make an eternal difference with my own daughter and family. I hate these times in my life because yes it is necessary to go thru but is a painful process.

I am regrouping right now. New job; new cat (well not so new but new experiences); new place to live; My schedule is out of control. Help I have fallen and cannot get up. What? Sorry about that. With the new job, I have alot of time to reflect. God has been showing me new things. It is good. more later.

Well, I need to get back to work.

Plans for the weekend? Make sure you spend it with family and friends.


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

School is back in session

I have been receiving several emails this week from people confessing this: we are so happy school is back in session. I do enjoy the school year. There is a routine to it and a schedule. There is a rhythm.

I hate what it does though. It takes up so much time during the work week. School and homework and extra not get me started. Becca's mom and I have be extremely conscience of the amount of time Becca spends outside the classroom. I am convinced she is a better person because we monitor it so heavily.

You may ask why is this coming up? Well, let me tell ya. Gooch gave me a new book to sink my teeth into. Not really; i don't chew on books. So far it is pretty good. The premise is changing up chaos for connected relationships. Now I have not gotten too far in yet - so don't quiz me Gooch - but what I have seen thus far looks great.

Take time; spend with the important ones in your life.

Uncle Carter