Thursday, January 22, 2004

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Like it; love it; Live it......
Snowing again in West Michigan. WOW! And no school today. My daughter's prayers have been answered.

Well, I have been working 1099 for a company. I was laid off in November. Since round Christmas, I have been working multimedia system design. Thank you Jesus. There are so many people out of work right now. Several people I know personally.

I was driving down the road, headed home from work and saw a car slightly off the road. It seemed as though the driver had just dropped off enough to get stuck. I do not usually do this but l felt like this one I should. I helped the driver get unstuck and had the opportunity to witness for a minute. It was really cool. Talked to them a little about Watermark. She had heard of it but was not sure. I feel like I planted some seeds.

We all have a story. We should share it.


Saturday, January 17, 2004

Saturday afternoon and it is snowing in Michigan....can you believe it. Saturdays for me are a time of reconnection. I intentionally slow the pace for at least one day a week. I get up, have some reading & prayer time (oh yeah and coffee). My daughter rolls out of bed later. She then puts the request of the day toghether. I like to take segments of the weekend and let her be in charge - not too much but enough for her to feel valued. She then rquests breakfast. At first this time was pretty quick. But now, she has figured out how it works. She pretty much orders and I cook it. Now she actually is helping cook the meals. Which has been great too.

We had lunch today with a dear friend. His name is jeff. I will ask permission to use his name later. He is the modern day Job in my opinion. It is always amazing the things God has done in and thru his life.

Today we were reviewing his day. With all the snow, he has been very busy as his job relates to the road and safety. These get up very early and take of business in our area and the roads. I am reminded how blessed we are to have people in the county step up and take care of business.

Tomorrow we continue our Story Tellers series. Should be excellent.


Sunday, January 11, 2004

Today was awesome. I am not sure if it is because we are having church in the round, or the worship time was right on, or because God met us...but today was great. I am really enjoying getting together at Watermark.

I was asked to be part of the speaking time. Today, we discussed one of our main components - life groups. My slant was how does/did life group involvement impact my life. I can talk for several days I think on this subject. God has shown himself real in so many ways thru my involvement. From answered prayer to great conversation, God has shown Himself true. Interestingly, Seven people were very positive about the things I contribute. While three thought I should be in stand up comedy. I am still evaluating that stats.

It was also good to hear about others from Watermark who are being impacted.

It was also interesting to watch Steve Deur our lead pastor. He apparently injured his knee. Not skiing or playing baseball. No at a restaurant. And Russ's restaurant to boot. Sorry dude. I feel your pain.


Friday, January 09, 2004

Well the end of another week is upon us. The weekend is looking promising. I am playing on a worship team this weekend. And WHOA I am speaking as part of the service.

I am excited about this.

Last Sunday two of our original members at Watermark spoke on where is God now. I tell you that was one of the most impacting services. They spoke from their hearts. Very cool.

We also had the challenge of setting the audio/video/lighting systems up to accommodate the service in the "round" or horse shoe as it were. Interesting. The band rocked, sound was great and I think it worked very well.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Back in the saddle again. Holidays were good. I spent some great time with my daughter and family. It is amazing!

Because I had some down time, I started thinking about life changing relevant material. For example, Which super hero is the most useless? There are several candidates. Wonder Woman (no offense to the female gender). I mean lets face it. Her only weapons - wrist bracelets, lasso, and invisible plane. Ok the bracelets can only reflect bullets. When used, the lasso makes a person tell the truth. And the invisible plane. Two problems - 1) how do you find it? and 2) why do you see her flying in the plane while in the air?

Honestly, I think the most useless one is Captain America. Ok cool costume, great voice and the shield. Now lets look at this a minute. He has no real super powers. So he cannot fly, see thru things or mind control. So for a moment, lets look at what would happen if some crisis happened overseas. So we would see Captain America take a taxi to the airport. Then he would have to check his luggage and the shield. Now we are on the plane. And again lets say a terrorist tries to take over the plane. Hey great I am sitting next to Captain America!!! Only then you realize he check his shield!

Too much time on my hand?

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Happy New Year!