Monday, June 11, 2007

ok enough

it is hot. fricken hot. and humid. Should i be surprised -- it is Oklahoma after all. I am told this is only the beginning.

So i dropped the bomb about moving to Atlanta. Our business focuses on large church installations. We have a large church we are doing the audio, HD video, lighting and acoustics for near atlanta. In addition, there are satielle venues we are setting up and recording suites - both video and audio. I think their Middle School program has more A/V equipment than most churches. Now this is cool but...

It is the paradox of my life. You see, I would be happy with a Mike Morgan on Acoustic, with Whitey or Wade on percussion with a great speaker like Deurty, Thomps, N8 or Wally speaking. That is where my heart it.

You see i have done the "big" church thing. I worked for one part time and full time doing the tech thing. It is not where i am at. Not that i am knocking it. it is just not where i am.

So i say - Watermark keep planting churches. keep reproducing yourselves into other places. it is the right thing to do. Multiply not meg-a-ply.

But i digress...

I will be there to oversee the installation, make sure everything is working and training or line up training so this place will run smooth.

when you ask? not sure yet. but i will let you know.

In other new, The Becca arrives on the 19th to stay with me for the summer. I CANNOT WAIT! and neither can she. i think the change of pace and venue will do her some good. i know it will for me.

thats all for now.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

has it been this long...

sorry for the delay in update.

it has been a crazy month.

things are good in OKC. we are in tornado season. that's ok. The Spectrum Group is going like gang busters. Which is great; just makes for a busy schedule.

I went back to Michigan for a week around Memorial Day. I was able to see my daughter - which was my focus. Had a great time seeing people i have not seen for a while. That was awesome. I was not able to connect with everyone i wanted to - so i apologize upfront to those i did not see.

We did alot of grilling and swimming (not at the same time). Saw some movies i had not seen. Becca did some horse back riding. That was cool.

Since i have been back, i made a trip to Atlanta. Did i mention i am moving to Atlanta for 6 months?

More on that later. i promise.