Tuesday, December 28, 2004

it is done.

It is Tuesday. and all is calm. I am waiting to head over to my nephews house. I am on uncle duty today. Big shopping trip planned -- thank you Jesus I don't have to do that. Cary's are great and it will be alot of fun.

I have been thinking about the events of the past week with the holidays and the environmental disaster. I cannot believe the amount of damage. Pray for them.

Car is in the shop. AARRRGGGHHH!. Remember the days when things cost in the "tens" unit? Now things cost in the "hundreds" unit. Thank God for the Johnsons who have continually stepped up in my life. Jeff is letting me use his truck and that is great for me.

Well, ta ta for now.

Unemployed and no car.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

I await the arrival of the Boo! I have not spoke to her today yet but i can almost predict what happened this morning. I am sure her mom is loving every minute of it.

Events of the day: well, after gift giving we will have lunch and goof around for the afternoon. alittle Playstation action and then it is off to Becca's aunts and uncle (miss you Furr's) for Christmas dinner. It will be an interesting dinner. It always is. Lots of people; the Cary boys being the Cary boys. Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. Then we will come home; somehow recoop from the day and rest for the evening.

All that to say: May prayer is that Christ stays in Christmas and that you are all having a great one!

With that said,

Becca's Dad and Tigger's owner

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve

what are you doing tonight? i hope you are spending well desired downtime with your families and friends.

i am finalizing details for tomorrow. finish wrapping up gifts. Watch the cat try to open them.

Becca arrives tomorrow at 11:00 am. after a week of her mom out of town, she was ready to see her again. ah a mother/daughter relationship. refreshing.

Can i be honest here? at the risk of being considered a Scrooge, i really hate this time of the year. And there is a multitude of reasons. One is that the holiday is more about the gift giving than anything. I honestly wish i would hibernate from yesterday until new years. it has not always been that way. There was the juggle of in law family and biological family and our own Christmas. Every family struggles with it. i am not sure the solution.

Anyway, enough. I hope that your Christmas celebrations are awesome! Filled with great time with family, friends and the Lord.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Let it snow; let it snow; let it snow

Hey. I woke up this morning to a gentle snow storm going on. The woods around my place are beautiful when it snows. As I have said before, I am just thankful that it held off until after 12/15.

I went shopping yesterday. Aarrghh! That was an experience. Becca went to a friend's house so i took the time to shop. I try not to "cop" an attitude this time of the year. But it is easy to do. Huge amounts of money being spent. More time running around looking for the "right" gifts. Then there are the people EVERYWHERE. Some are in the same boat i am. Running around looking for the right gifts. Others have had enough and are just trying to get home and a little rude in the process. Needless to say, why do we celebrate Christmas again?

Making sure Christ stays in Christmas. That is a challenge. I mentioned this eariler but I am glad Becca is hanging out. She helps the mode.

Speaking of the Boo, she is trying to train her cat to do tricks. She is convinced he is making progress. She is trying to get him to come when called and sit in front of her. For this he gets a treat. I am not sure who is training who. More on that later.

Becca's mom is out on a little vacation in mucho warm weather. I only bring this up for two reasons. I am envious. And 2, we tried calling internationally to their resort they are staying at. ok. On top of all this Christmas stuff, I now have to figure out how to call internationally. That is not a big -- if you have all the digits to the phone number. It seems that 3 digits were omitted from the phone number we received. That is ok. I am resourceful right? I jump on the net; looking up the resort; write down the number. YEAH! ready to go. So I call. I get a voice mail system in spanish. Now, if I have Ross or Adam Knoll here that would not be a problem. But they were unavailable. At the end of the list, a message -- for english, press 10. YEAH. Then I had to listen to the list again -- in english. Finally, i get to a person. Only, there is no press 10 option. She was trying to be so helpful but we could not connect. So, after all that -- did not talk to mom and i have a larger phone bill.

Wow. am I really whining?

Anyway, gotta go make some breakfast. Bacon, "dripping" eggs, toast, and potatoes.

Enjoy the season.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Last shift

It was a bitter sweet moment as I shut and locked the tower door yesterday. After running around cleaning and setting everything for winter, i cleaned out my locker for the next three months. In addition, I signed up for unemployment. that is fun.

well nothing new to report. Christmas shopping yet to do. Argh!

I am looking forward to seeing Becca again. She always has a refreshing look on the Christmas holiday. In fact, her attitude helps put me in the mood for Christmas.

Gotta run,

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

One more shift down.

***This blog has been edited, because i may have stepped over the line. to that individual i apologize.

Hey. Tomorrow the bridge operation closes for the season. So the closed down process has started. I will be the last one in the tower. So i get the finish the process tomorrow.

Man, did we have a great life group Sunday evening. We all gave good input. Anyway, we really discussed some great issues. It was good.

Not that i am not looking forward to the 19th, the gathering on the 26th is going to be good. Don't miss it!

All is good. Christmas shopping yet to do. Becca is dropping all kinds of hints. I am excited because I will be having her for an extended time over the next couple weeks. Becca's mom and step dad are headed out of town on a trip and i get the daughter. That is cool. Lots of one on one time.

Well, more later.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Well, once again changes. I feel like God is moving right now. Not sure what that means but...

I can tell you this. Last night was my last night shift before the 3 month "vacation". I am happy about that. I am thankful for the job but hate those late nights. I have two more day shifts until the bridge close for the season.

I have made some other decisions as well. I am done wrestling. Enough said.

Becca comes back tonight from the advance or retreat or that Moto thing. I am sure she is going to be tired. But i am excited to talk with about it.

Anyway, I need to make a few rounds before the end of my shift.


Thursday, December 09, 2004


Wisdom from Hank Hill - "that is the great thing about dying -- either you do or don't."

This weekend Becca goes to her first youth sponsed overnight event -- which we call an advance not a retreat. Sometimes i think i need a glossary to keep up. I am so excited for her. But this is one of many moments where i realize that she is growing up. I was speaking with her mom the other day and we were just amazed how many corners she has rounded in the last year. We are so blessed.

Our series is Christmas brings .... hope, family, new life, and worship. One of the pieces i am most excited about is the "family stories". Last week we heard an awesome story of hope. I love to hear stories like that. Check out recording online at iamwatermark.com. Well, don't look yet as I have not uploaded it. This week we are going to hear a story of family. It will be great too.

I am struggling with this scarcity issue. It has haunted me since hearing Thompson talk about it and Deur following up. It is not so much that they talked about it -- as i have been struggling with it for a long time. After all, i earned it. I should be able to decided how it is spent. Right? Unfortunately, that is not God's plan. We are suppose to be money managers for him. that's how it works.

You know i am really not sure how this plays out only it is something i am working thru. Notice I did not say wrestling with -- don't want to give you the wrong idea.

That's it for now.

From the tower,

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

the countdown is on!

it is true. the bridge closes for 3 months during the year. From 12/15 - 3/15, the bridge operation is down. This means a "3 month" "vacation" for me. Unemployment here I come.

Becca is down for the count. She has some sort of virus. I received the call yesterday morning. I called Becca's mom for a 2nd opinion. Two phone calls later I was headed for the doctor. This is not one of Becca's favorite things to do. This is how I know Becca i serious about illness. I think she would almost do anything else except the doctor. Anyway, she is home with dr. mom today and is doing ok.

I am thinking of taking some classes during the "vacation". We will see if finances permit. I would like to have something under my belt for the DBMD review coming up in about 5 months.

The Christmas holiday is coming up. Ready? I am not. Becca and I will be setting up our tree this weekend. that is always fun. After the 15th, i will probaly go see my folks. That will be interesting.

Well, i am still feeling the effects of the Roach being gone. Viva Roach!

You are the wind beneath my wings,