Tuesday, November 30, 2004

i'm a lumberjack and i'm ok.

well not really. i like to burn wood.

Last night was great. I had 3 giggling, screaming 10 year old girls in my car last night. It is cool. I am proud of Becca for inviting people to MOTO. You know I have often said Becca has her mom's looks and dad's personality. I am discovering that God is developing in her a unique person. It is awesome to see it unfold. When I picked them up, i noticed Becca was not looking good. Apparently, there was some activities that involved eating onions and whip cream. Need i say more.

I have some close friends who are really struggling right now. The wife's dad died recently and this is the first holiday. I am going there tonight to hang out with them. I really think they are close to coming to a gathering; which will be cool. They are catholic and have never been to another church other than a catholic church. I am wondering what kind of shock will happen when they do come. I have another friend who is struggling with some medical stuff. And another family who is in transition with children going to college and family stuff.

I am always amazed how God brings people in and out of our lives. He allows us to be his tools and instruments. I am amazed how he pursues us and wants to be in relationship with us.

When I was in sales, i can remember juggling multiple clients -- up to 50 or 60 -- and how out of control i felt. I would us Outlook to keep track of calls and appointments emails yada yada. I can remember thinking how am I ever going to get control. There is some truth there. I am not sure if i am done digging that out.

Sidebar--Fox has some of the dumbest shows and commericals i have ever seen. Right now in the tower there is not much to do. So there is a TV. The only station that comes in clear is Fox. AARRGGHGHHH!

I do think we should do more 80's music.


the blog sphere is growing

I have added two other bloggers to the sphere.

The Smith family is near and dear to me and my daughter. They live in the land of the Dutch and they are one of the coolest families around. Greg is a great source of insight for me and I really appreciate his relationship with the Lord, his wife, his family and others. Read on!

Mrs. Roach is also added. Judy is married to the Roach and that would be enough to merit blog space. She has a heart of gold and is growing as a believer, new bride and in ministry. She and Roach are moving soon back to Canada and will be missed here in West Michigan. Enjoy.


Saturday, November 27, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Hi all

sorry to all of you who have faithfully checked my blog. I will certainly be more attentive. Gooch once told me, (as the Blog-Master) if you do not blog a few times a week....it is not worth it. Now I am not sure I subscribe to that but I will be more intentional about it.

Wow! what a great couple of weeks. Here we go .... the week and 1/2 in review:

MOTO: Becca is loving Moto. I cannot tell you how much she is loving it. I cannot put a finger on it. Whether it is something she is doing herself or what. But she sure loves it. Becca has been a force inviting people. I am afraid I am going to need reinforcements to get all the kids she is inviting. THAT IS A GREAT PROBLEM TO HAVE. It is humbling in a way. She is being the church and I love it. I had mentioned at Core Focus last week that Becca's mom and I have had some conversation about it. That is cool too. Sarah (Becca's mom) is very supportive. In fact, there is a Moto get together that Sarah has already signed up Becca for and Becca is geeked! I love my family and the communication we enjoy. It saddens periodically that the marriage did not survive; but I am glad that we have made the best of it. Sidebar: again, i have a great set of in-laws; which I hugely appreciate. You know who you are and I love you! I feel closer to them than my own family.

CORE FOCUS: Speaking of Core focus, we had a going away/appreciation time for Roach and Mrs. Roach. Man, it was so cool to see the body surround these two servants and love them. Some funny some serious but all awesome. An image that will be in my mind again has to do with the kids. At one point, Deur had invited all the kids to come up and say something to the DeRoches. Wow. Little children come unto me....power. But one moment will be there forever. Right at the end of the "kid time", Ryder Smith decided to give Roach a hug. I started to get emotional on a few levels. Ryder not afraid to love and express love. His heart shown in the act. Roach receiving it. The size difference. It was a cool moment. It makes me think of how much God loves us and how really small we must be. And yet, he pursues us. wow. So to Jason and Judy, I am on your team. I am praying for you and know God will continue to bless you and all you do.

Well i need to finish this later.

Until then,

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

False Alarm

i made a note about an email i received. no worries.

what a nasty day here in west michigan.

Good day programming yesterday. we have some challenges ahead with the holidays coming up.

Thats all for now.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

the week in review

the week was good on some fronts.

Programming meeting: i love the new Watermark offices. Thank you, Jesus. Gooch gave me the tour last week. The important stuff - pop, water and snacks. Heh heh heh. Really though, the offices are really nice. It is a quiet environment to do what we do.

Parent/teacher conferences. Yes, the 1st marking period is over. And it is time to meet with the teacher. Another great conversation. Becca is doing well in school and is enjoying herself as well. I pray that we can keep that drive alive in her.

Accountibility - yes, this was a week to get together with Gooch and Jeff. We end up wrestling with each other. And that is always good. We had an addition this week. A friend who is struggling with some things. God proves himself so real in those times. We talked and prayed. It was awesome.

Bible triad - hey, N8 & Jay opened there bible triad up and invited me. We talked about what it would look like and that was cool. We read a chapter of the bible and make notes. Then we get together weekly to discuss. It should be great. In addition, we met at a restuarant in Spring Lake. A whole group of Spring Lake Wesleyan people were there. It was good to laugh for a minute with them and reconnect.

Saturday a great day with Becca. She is cool to hang with. I am enjoying the relationship she and I have. I thank God for it.

Well, it is Sunday. I have worked all night and I am playing this morning. I will go home; take a shower and try to do my best. Should be interesting.

I found out some disturbing information this morning. I need prayer on. It came thru in an email and I need to process it thru - with God's help. Pray for me.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

it has been a week

since my last blog. And even longer since something of substance.

I have commented earlier that I have been struggling. I have a thing about authority. I have had it for a long time and have learned to deal with it. Therefore, when i feel like God is moving, it usually causes me to rebel. That is my issue. Now it does not happen often; but when it does it takes me a little time to work it out.

What I am discovering is on multiple levels. How important prayer is. How important worship is. How important obedience is. How important serving is. I was in GR last night for a meeting and i was reminded again that there are homeless people in the world. Today, I was watching a commercial bringing attention to the fact that this next week is national homeless week. It makes me ashamed that we need a national campaign to draw attention to the homeless.

As I listened to Thompson last week and Deur this week, i am reminded of the passion for the lost. Deur was right on this week. Being the church is much more than a slogan. it has to be imbedded in our lives. I want to be moved to change.

On the path,

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

one more added

as i live and breathe, one more blogger added. only this time in the female gender - Kathy Johnson.

Kathy is a dedicate wife, mom and nurse and always shows a heart of compassion.

rock on, kj

Four more years!

Well, the nation speaks and Kerry calls "W". I hope all of you reading this took the time to vote. It is a honor to do so.

It was a beautiful day in West Michigan. I am not sure how many more we will have before snow flies. Needless to say, i spoke to the Boo today and she is feeling better. I am happy about that. It disturbs me greatly when she is ill. Helpless....

Jeff and I hung out last night. We agreed that God is stretching me right now. Let me explain. I have had a "sucky" attitude lately. I was telling my accountibility homies (jeff & gooch) that I have been mad at the world lately. It is my nature to rebel. Anyway, I know God is breaking me for a reason. To listen and obey is a tough thing for me.

It will be good to see Deur again. I miss the guy. (in a heterosexual way). God is showing Steve some great things. I cannot wait. If fact, we have rearranged some things for Sunday in anticipation.

Can't wait.

bridge operator.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween is over

Too much left over candy. Then Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I hate the holidays.

I listened to Steve Thompson's message on Scarcity this weekend. Some awesome stuff there. We upload all of our messages to www.iamwatermark.com. It is great to hear the sermon so quickly.

Well, I am home today. Becca has strep (?) throat. Actually, this was a crummy weekend. Trick or treating was Saturday evening. About halfway thru, the wind kicked up and it started raining. Which is probably why Becca is sick. We went back to the Cary's to divide and conquer the candy. Sorted and examined and traded with the other kids. Becca still hasn't eaten much candy.

So, the gathering was out of the picture. And so was life group.

This morning was spent at the doctor's office and getting a precription. I wish I would have taken stock out in the "pink" drug. I would be rich today.

So I am caring for my daughter today. I like it even though I do not feel like I am getting anything done.

That's all for now.