Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Pic

Well with the new haircut, i thought it would be best to update my wee-mee pic. It is a closer reflection of me. Bald guy, with grey in the facial hair, on route 66, play a bass guitar. Enjoy!

On the weight loss trail, man it is hard. i don't mind saying so. the older i get the less motivated i am. but the weight must come off. Biggest problem: exercise. i need to do more and i hate it. I am not sure why i do but i do. anyway, i will keep u post on my progress. Just know i hate it.

Work: busy.

Becca: good. busy with myspace, color guard, band camp, keeping up with her friends, and getting ready for 9th grade.

Clark for now, out

Sunday, July 27, 2008

it is sunday

Good afternoon, fellow bloggers

BIG NEWS: i got a haircut. well more than that i guess. see below:

It is fricken hot here right now and decided to downgrade the hair to cool things off. Let me know what u think. I am undecided. If you know me, you know i can always grow hair. So i can grow it back if need be.

In other news, i am undecided about the upcoming election. I have always been conservative in my political view but not sure where i stand right now. I am sure i will become more informed as time goes on but i just do not at this point where i stand.

Things are ok here. Business is booming. I found a church i like and seems to fit my style. I have not fully engaged. Sidebar thought. I deal with churches all day long during the week. I get tired of the BS that is associate with it. It is few and far between a church that has it going on. So, i am enjoying not be active. I am sure i will round that corner and engage. It is not part of my DNA not too.

Well that is what is new. I am thinking of making my way back to west michigan around labor day. we will see. More on that later.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Guitar Hero III

Have u played?

One of the items we picked up while Becca was here was a Wii. Highly recommend it you have not purchased. It is alot of fun and it really funny to watch while others are playing.

One of the games is called Guitar Hero. Now, i thought i would be good. RIGHT! i suck. I keep trying to play like a real song instead of a game. I am more successful when i turn the sound off then with it on. but that defeats the purpose i guess.

needless to say, becca is getting quite good at the game and lets me know it.

Well, i am in the dumps having withdrawal on becca headed back to Michigan. The distance pains me. It was time for her to go back. Summer is ramping up to the school year as she is headed for band camp and Coast festival right around the corner.

Anyway it is hot here as summer is in Oklahoma. And work is busy which is a good thing

I am looking forward to this weekend. Kick off my shoes and relax.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogger list adds and deletes

Well i have updated my blogger list. I removed some and added some. Apologize to anyone who is removed...but chances are you have not blogged in a while and that is the reason.



Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blogging mad man


first months of not blogging....then two in two days???? how long can i keep this going?

Well, becca is going to the Jonas Brothers concert tonight here in OKC. She is going with my boss's wife and a troop of nieces and one nephew. Becca loves the Jonas Brothers. I hope she has a great time and i am thankful i am not going.

the weekend was great. We saw some great fireworks. We hung out with friends. Most of all it was just a great weekend to hang with my daughter.

If you don't have a wii, get one. It is addicting. I created my weemee the other day and have been playing the wii games. One of our favorites is cooking mama. it is a game where you have to make recipes and the game rates you on how well you do. Becca consistantly beats me at it. But that's ok. i can handle it.

One other game we picked up is Guitar Hero III. I was thinking that i would be pretty good at this because i am musically inclined. WOW was i wrong! you see it is not about music. it is about hitting the right buttons in the right sequence and frankly i suck. Becca is playing well on the medium and sometimes hard level. I cannot even make on the easy. that hurts!

Well, more in a couple days
Guitar not so much Hero

Sunday, July 06, 2008

what is goin' on?

Well here you have it

i have been spending time with my daughter, Becca. She arrived around father's day and is leaving july 17th. Becca will be a freshman starting in the fall at Grand Haven High School. Where has the time gone? i am so happy she is in Grand Haven. It is a good school district and it is where she started. I am pleased that her mom moved from Whitehall back to Grand Haven. It has been good from them all the way around.

Becca tried out for the Color Guard. She was the only freshman and there were 25 that tried out. Only 20 made the squad. this is very cool. Although she is very excited, i am not sure she really realizes how much work it will be. Well, one way or another she will find out. The Band is very busy until after Christmas. This will make connecting alittle move difficult but we will manage. The Band will travel to Disney this year; which will be a great experience for her. Anyway, she needs to be back on the 17th because they start practices and band camp.

Becca is doing great. i am proud of well she is doing.

Things at work are crazy. Good to be busy but this is crazy.

other than that, i think i have found a church i am going to hang in with for a while. it is good.

Catch ya later!
Becca's dad

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

how long?

How long can one person go without blogging? WOW! it has been awhile.

I will update when i get home tonight.

sorry for the delay