Monday, January 31, 2005

ok has been a week

well, the weekend came and went.

the moto crew work at a SLWC event this weekend. They are raising money for camp. On Monday, Becca committed to help. I think that is cool. But later in te week, Becca's mom and i decided Becca should not go to this retreat. Lots of reasons, mostly having to do with her age. Anyway, we decided she is not going. I picked up Becca on friday thinking she would not go to the SLWC event. She was so excited about serving even though she is not going to camp. Then Friday night she tells me she wanted to go back Saturday morning. So she hung out and worked Saturday morning with Wally and the gang. I cannot tell you the joy it brings to me to see her engage. It is cool.

Sat. afternoon was spent at a b-day party. She was exhausted. So she was not in the best mood for the party. And she went to bed eariler Sat. night.

Steve D. is the Man. Man, he did a great job yesterday. Steve T. is an iron man. After spending Sat. violently sick, he was at the gathering. Nate S. and Wally -- rock solid! and of course Mike M. -- worship was great yesterday. Speaking of which, I was playing in band. Whitey says to me right before the 1st gathering -- Cue Allison when she needs to get up and read. Allison was reading a passage of scripture during one of the songs. Um Yeah. Good things she is a smart reliable on the spot person -- because as you can guess, i was involved in the music and sure enough i forgot to cue. But all went well.

And last night was life group -- Gooch was missing -- some job related R5 thing. Group is always good. I walk away having gained something.

Well, gotta get ready for programming....

a proud father

Monday, January 24, 2005

It is Monday, again


Well, we had a great weekend. The money we raised the our family in need was over $500.00. Not bad! Especially when you consider our local paper listed the sale in the wrong town. I cannot wait until our life group gets together to deliver the money. I think we will continue to help in some capacity. Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, and hosted.

Yesterday, after the gathering and lunch, I called my nephews and we all went sledding. what a hoot. They all had a great time.

More later,

Friday, January 21, 2005

Here we are...

*** for those who emailed me or commented, there has been a change of plans for my friend. Because of time, he decided to hire some help to take care of the move. Thank you so much all of you who contacted me. It is cool to see our community willing to set in and help.

Busy week. Lots going on. All good stuff. just lots of it. Our life group is hosting a garage sale tomorrow. So part of the week has been spent moving stuff, unpacking, labeling and just general tiding up. The garage sale is to raise money for a local family we have adopted. It is so cool to see our group engaging this way. All the proceeds from the sale will go to the family. It is awesome that the group is contributing. It is awesome that we have an indoor heated place to have the sale. And it is awesome the individuals outside our group is contributing.

After hearing part of the story from this family, it sure makes me thankful i have the things I have. I have been thru the ringer -- but not like this family.

Anyway, I was sad to hear this week about a friend who died this week. A great guy; servant, musician, worship leader, family man, just a great all around guy. i contacted a friend of mine who filled me in on some of the details. My heart breaks for the family because this was so sudden. I count it a priviledge to have worked with and known this guy. He is experiencing God in a way we cannot relate to.

Peace -- my friend.

Well, i will report on the sale.

Playing keys this weekend. I lovin it.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Records day

What is that anyway? GH public schools has had the last two days off. One was an in-service day and the other a records day. the "up" side is that i had Becca for those two days. it has been good to hang out with the Boo.

Speaking of Becca, here is a Tigger the cat training update. i have two 3' bar stools at my place (much like in a circus for the yeah). Anyway, she has him jumping from one to another --- sometimes. I think the key is if Tigger is in the mood to humor her. I think that is true. Well, she keeps trying and he keeps getting treats. What a deal?

At the gathering this week, we set up everyone into community groups. We will meet after the teaching time and "talk amoust ourselves". The idea is to show what community is about. Meeting new people, connecting with someone that you may not ever talk to. And as a bonus discuss a question from the teaching time. I watched first gathering. It is amazing how some people dive right in and some are reserved. For guys like Thompson, Takas and Wade the drumma, this is the type of thing they live for -- are wired for. it is a gift. For others, i imagine it was a push.

I sat into a group 2nd gathering. And the question was what is truth. WOW. my head hurt for a minute. many thoughts ran thru my mind. My life before Christ and how i would answer that. To my life after Christ, my college experience where I had to take things up a notch and actually had some philosophy classes. To marriage and divorce and being a dad -- and discovering who i am in Christ. I am not sure how to answer the question, what is truth. Modern or Postmodern. My experiences as a filter.

I am sure of this -- i will be struggling with it over the next few weeks.

On a personal note, on January 26th at 2:00 pm, i have a friend who needs some help moving some furniture here in GH. If anyone is available to help move some stuff and load it into a trailer, let me know. I can let you know where to be. That's awesome. I am thinking an hour at the most.

Well, monopoly is calling.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

the weekend is here

hi ho,

it is saturday and i am listening to my daughter talking to people on the phone. Apparently, there is a contest at Moto to bring the most people. She is excited and motivated. it warms my heart to see her so excited about this.

Pretty good week. Becca and I had a birthday party to go to last night. It was my nephew, Drew. He is 10 years old now. Yikes, the older these kids get, the older i feel. I can remember holding these guys when they were babies and now...he ended up getting a pretty cool gift from his mom and dad. Plus, it was good to see the family again.

The week was good. I finally received my first unemployment check. All should flow smoothly now -- i hope. Now, i just have to manage money wisely and it will all work out.

well, gotta go for now.


Monday, January 10, 2005

Son of a nutcracker

Yes, Becca and I watched Elf last night. That scene always cracks me up.

Programming today. Should be another good session. We are talking about the next teaching series on Truth. Last week, Deurty shared his vision on where we are headed -- great stuff. it is good to hear from the coach where God is leading and how we can support that.

I think i mentioned Gooch and I are doing the Body for Life thing. I am reluctant to talk about it because I have not had success with dieting before. But i am going out on the limb. Eating healthy is expensive. I know I need to lose that thought. So is gas and I some how have money to move my car, right? Anyway, he has already scene some positive results. That is awesome.

Well, that is one of many things i am working with today. Take those daily problems one bite at a time. Whoa! wait. 6 meals, 6 exercise what?

I want to be His clone,

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Life Groups Sunday

This gathering was a focus on Life Groups. One of Watermark's core values is life groups. A life group is an group that gets together to do life together. I was asked to share about our group. It was cut at the last minute because of some scheduling issues. But had I spoke this is what i would have said. Three points.

Number one: My life group has a support function to it. We gather on Sunday evenings and we have a book we discuss. But it is more than that. We try to live life together. For us, we pray for one another. We challenge one another. We laugh and sometimes cry together. It is important to develop these levels of relationship. A safe place to open up. In addition, out of this group, i have an accountability group that meets. These are two guys who challenge me deeply. They ask hard questions about my life: thought life, prayer life, what am i doing when i am alone, how are things financially, what about becca. These are important; that iron sharpening iron thing.

Number two: we have adopted a family in Allendale. Because of watermark, Jeff got connected to a lady who knows a family in Allendale who is really struggling. Not to go into much detail, but we really want to help this family as much as possible. The family has real difficulty. One way is we are planning an indoor garage sale, with the proceeds going to help this family. One of our groupies has a heated pole barn where they hold garage sales all winter along. They say it is always very successful. We are looking for people to donate items to the sale. In fact, if you would like to help, contact Jeff Johnson or myself.

Number three: we serve together. We have a commection with International Aid. IA provides help for people in need. With the stuff going on in SE Asia right now, they are in full swing and need help. As a group we went out there Wednesday night and repackaged stuff. It was cool to get together and do that. I am sure our little part has an impact long term. We will be going back this week to continue.

I love my group. the relationships i am developing are awesome and i really enjoy going & participating. Jeff & Steve do a great job of leading. Jess and Kathy do a get job of hospitality.

That's for now. I have a Monoploy game to finish with the Boo.


Saturday, January 08, 2005

An evening with the Thompsons

i received a call today from steve inquiring about this evenings dinner plans. nothing on the dock so we enjoyed meatloaf and veggies at the thompson. Becca really wanted to watch "Elf" with the boys so she brought the movie with us. well, because of so technical difficulties we ended up back at my place watching the movie. i was having fun watching the boys, Zoe and Becca interacting. Becca was trying so hard to be the host with the most. that was fun. anyway, a good night -- two thumbs up.

So i am on deck tomorrow to speak about our life group. there are some mixed emotions about that. things i am dealing with and moving thru. Normally, i would not have a problem talking about it but for some reason i am struggling. more on that later....

well, it is late and i should get some sleep.

i am addicted to a Playstation II game called Ratchet and Clank. go team.

good night,

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Wednesday already?

Just barely.

I am trying some different things this year -- in reference to that discipline thing. Gooch and I are trying something that he has had success at and I have not. I will fill details at another point (perhaps when I see success too).

Is it me or did Ben Afflick start dating Jennifer Garner because her name is Jenn??? Alias premier Wednesday. Long awaited. right.

I spent the evening in GR -- sorry Gooch for not calling. I meet with 3 other guys and talk business related stuff. Cool. They are great and i have fun in the process.

the unemployment department sucks. There is like all these rules and stuff.

Well, that is the random thoughts for the night.

Out and in bed,

Sunday, January 02, 2005

And so it begins...

The first gathering of 2005. Yup, i was at home sick. I thought I could shake it but no. But I did make it to life group tonight and it was good. We are growing as a will be exciting to see how God blesses.

Speaking of tonight, we went around the group and asked what the focus for the year -- on individual level. Pick one thing and focus/make change/do what you gotta do for the year. I have been thinking about it and the vote is in....discipline. Discipline in health, reading, listening to God, journaling, praying...oh man. That is it for sure.

So i ask, does anyone else struggle with discipline? I do! I have always had a problem with authority -- long live the 80's --. It is something I had dealt with for a long time. So, doing the things I know I need it -- yes bites. But i am excited because I think i have the right support team with me to push me and hold me accountable. yup, i think so.

That's it. Gotta spend time with the Boo. School tomorrow ya know.

Slowly breaking,

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

and all that goes with that.

Had a great time with Becca last night. She was trying to talk me into "new" new year's tradition. For example: her friend told her that when the ball drops at midnight, she and her sister stuffs their mouths full of whip cream. I reminded her what happened to her at Moto and that was the end of that conversation.

the car has it's major repair taken care of. I hate cars. such a necessary evil. Anyway, one of the wheel bearings needs to be replaced yet. Then it will be good again for a while. I am anticipating that happening in the next two weeks.

I am thinking about selling my bass guitar. I need to contact the original owner to see if he wants it back. I am not using it much and feel like it is taking up space in my closet. And honestly, i could use the cash.

anyway, i am looking forward to tomorrow. gatherings and life group kicks in again. that will be good.

thats all for now.