Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a point of clarification

the power of the written word. I did not realize how powerful it really is. I have been sharing and babbling in this blog for awhile now. Sometimes i write well and sometimes .... well frankly not.

I need to say something. I have been thinking about this for the last couple days. This is really not prompted by anything thing but where i am at now. I do not say this enough; so i want to go on record now.

My immediate family. I have the greatest respect and love for my ex wife, Sarah and her husband Dave. They are cool people who are making it work blending a family. I respect who they are as a couple, as believers, as family and friends. Just like everyone, they have had bumps in the road, but they land on top - which is a great place to be. They work it out. They have always communicated well with me and that makes life much easier. They have a great home they have created and a wonderful place for becca to live. I hope and pray that i have been as positive to them as they have to me. I love knowing that i am accepted and welcomed by them into their home every time i am in town. They welcome me and accept me in spite of my many faults. It never feels weird or strange.

This is the goal right? When we knew we were getting divorce, Sarah and i made commitments to each other. Things we said we would not do for Becca's sake and for ours. I am happy to say, we have stuck to those commitments. i am proud of the relationship i have with Sarah and Dave. We all have worked hard to make it work. i wished more families in our situation could have what we have.

With all that said, i need to publicly apologize to them and the 4 of you that actually read this blog. if i have not communicated that over the years, i am so sorry. With my ramblings and lack of detail, i may have left the wrong impression. Let me be clear. Sarah and Dave have created a good home environment for themselves and for becca. Sometimes it is just fun to sit back and watch them interact. Communication with a teenager is tough. Communication with a teenager as a step-parent is tougher. But between the four of us, we work it out.

Enough on that.

My extended family. Sarah's family is wonderful. Birt and Gaye. Britt, Suzy, Tyler, Drew, Seth. Matt, Heidi, Izak, Libby and Levi. these people rock. They have been more of a family to me then my own. We have laughed, ate, cried together. We have shared many good, and sometimes not so good, memories. There was this one for another time. I love them and respect them for who they are. One of many things i appreciate is that they will tell me things sometimes i do not want to hear. They care about me enough to have hard conversations. I don't like it sometimes, but they do. The things they say always have wisdom and thought behind it which makes me really think about how i can apply and better myself. One other thing is they love me and accept me. I cannot thank them enough. Like with Dave and Sarah, i hope that i have been a positive influence on them as they have been on me.

Well, wow. i need to turn off the orpah script and get moving.

that's my thought for the day

Monday, August 25, 2008


i just received a not so positive comment about my last post.

I was not trying to make a statement about dirty laundry. I was not trying to make a statement about my ex wife or her husband. I have a pretty good relationship with them and would not want to damage that. I will certainly call them and talk to them about it. I certainly did not want to offend anyone or to upset anyone who might be reading this blog. If i have, i am certainly sorry. I am sure my daughter does call and talk to her mom about things that are going on here when she visits. Not everything happens perfectly in anyones world.

I was commenting on my decision to move to Oklahoma and how i feel far away from my daughter. I have struggled with the decision. I was trying to focus on that and only that. Maybe i should have been clearer with my intent. I removed the posting because i do not want any further confusion or misunderstanding.

For the person who left the comment, thanks for commenting. I meant no harm in the statement.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

one more added

Steve Yoder -- good friend! enjoy

Friday, August 08, 2008

ummm yeah

How you can tell you've pissed off an engineer

I laughed. I hope you do too.

Can't wait for Becca to get back from band camp. I miss talking to her. I am sure she is going to be tired when she gets back. But i am excited to hear about her trip.

Headed to Rochester, NY this weekend. Yada yada.

More later.