Wednesday, February 20, 2008

flu bug and other updates

Sorry to the 4 people who actually read this blog for not updating lately.

I have been struggling with the latest strain of flu bug going around. I am not sure what it is but holy cow, it is BAD. I am not sure but i think it should be called the Terminator of Flu. If you have not had it count your blessings. If you have consider yourself a survivor. if you are in the midst of it, hold on it does not get better any time soon.

In other news, the Becca is doing fine. She has relocated with her mom and stepdad to Grand Haven. THIS MAKES ME VERY HAPPY! The stress of getting up early for school and being away from her friends and family was great. In addition, there was a possibility that in her 9th grade year she would transfer schools - which i think would have been really rough on her. But now that she is in GH, she will continue thru until graduation in Grand Haven.

The other note is that she and family tried Watermark. Now for Becca this was a homecoming of sorts. But for the rest, i am just glad that tried it and really liked it. I pray they continue to get involved and immersed in what Watermark has to offer.

Becca is coming to Oklahoma for spring break. This is really cool! we have tickets to see the Blue Man Group which are coming to OKC in early April. Also, it is around her birthday - super cool for dad. I plan to take some time off around that time to see some sights and just hang out!

Other than that my dad is having some surgery today. Pray for him. There is a tumor on his bladder that needs to be removed. I am hopeful that is the extent of the damage and all will be fine.

Check in later