Sunday, February 29, 2004

This weekend marks the beginning of a spring indoor soccer for my daughter. This is the same team she played with indoor and outdoor in the fall. It is always interesting to watch girls sports at this level - 9-10 year olds. A butterfly can disrupt the entire game.

Now I only mention this because the individuals played well. But the team still lost 12-1. I recently saw the movie Miracle. In the movie, the head coach makes a statement about how teams lose because they rely on individual talent as oppose to the strength of the team. I am thinking there is truth here somewhere.

One of the things I have been revisiting is the necessity of spending time with others. Or as a great friend would say, intentionally living life together. I am convinced that the strength of a group is found in the synergy created or chemistry of the group. The main ingredient being the Holy Spirit. As we invite Christ in to our activities, the more He blesses and participates.

because we need to know,

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Going to see The Passion this weekend. I hope it will live up to the hype.

I have been on a path of re-discovery. The focus for me has been in my concept of the church and what is it's function? I have been reading several great books -- which are listed below. I stumbled on an article that had this to say. Thought for the day:

Christ did not equip the disciples to administer institutions but rather to carry out evangelism and discipleship independent of any institution. (Acts 1:8) The marching orders were evangelism and discipleship. Matthew 28: 18-20

WOW. What a concept? I feel like in some many ways I miss the point. Church should be for me, right? The music? The worship style? The sermon? It should all be about me, right?

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that an evolving needs to happen. (Can I say evolve and church in the same thought?) The way that we have traditionally "done church" needs to change. The gospel is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, Hebrews 13:8,but the way we present it, the way we communicate, the relationships we develop, has to change.....

I am thinking there is a sermon there somewhere.

skipping down the path,

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I have changed the look of the BLOG. (sounds like a character from Star Trek)

Sorry for the delay.

Monday, February 23, 2004

This weekend in general was great. Weather was a little warmer, spent a great Saturday afternoon and evening with some good friends. And I think our worship team was on fire this week. The flow of the service, the message, the worship, the drama -- EXCELLENT. Then, to top it off, we had a great life group Sunday night. Only bad thing -- NO ALIAS. I am not sure what is happening there. There was a time you could count on a show running for x amount of weeks straight. No ALIAS. They are on; then reruns then not on. YIKES!

We are discussing a John Ortberg book -- Everyone's Normal until you get to know them -- in my life group. Last night was particularly interesting. We were reviewing chapter three -- the fellowship of the mat. Read the book. But here is an excerpt that spoke to me.

There is no ideal community. Community is made up of people with all their richness, but also with their weakness and poverty, of people who accept and forgive each other, who are vulnerable with each other. Humility and trust are more at the foundation of community than perfection.

I am still digesting that. I am reminded of my trip to NYC. There are many people out there hurting, alone and need some acceptance.

Looking for acceptance,
c squared.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Been out of town for a couple days. I had some business activities to tend to in the BIG APPLE. Always interesting going to NYC. Yesterday morning for example, I called a cab to take me to my destination. When I left the motel, I see two individuals stand on the street. Now I do not usually think anything of it,but hey its NY. They were arguing tensely about where the one guy parked his car. WOW. They were almost fist to cuffs. I jumped into the cab. Then a third person entered the argument. It was a black lady who was just walking down the street. She definitely added spice to the argument. After a few minutes of this, one of the guys jumped into the cab. He was my driver. Apparently, he had parked in front of a driveway. And the other guy did not like it.

All this to say, LET IT GO! It is not the big of deal!!!!!

I know. A long way to make a point.

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Monday, February 16, 2004

I have added a section of books I am currently reading. Enjoy.
Thought for the day:

Is it just me or does anyone else find it amazing that our government can track a cow born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she sleeps in the state of Washington. Also they track her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around our country.

Look for the ACLU (American Cow Liberty Union) to change all that real soon. Cows have rights too.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

At the risk of blogging too much in one day, I am.

The sermon was extremely relevant today. It was on the subject of forgiveness. Family, self, God -- forgiveness from all sides. I have been on a change of focus journey. I accepted Christ just before my 17th birthday. Since then, I have been floating in and out of the legalistic side of religion. I attended a four liberal arts Christian college. Holy cow! That was a mouthful. I learned at an early age what the organized church is all about.

Foot note: I am not saying that the organized church is wrong.

I have found that focusing too much on the legalistic side of things can be counterproductive. In fact, I got caught up in it and it actually hurt my relationship with the Lord.

All this to say, I am finding that this journey freeing for me. I am finding that I am growing at a faster rate.

More on this.
Gotta go to my life group - intentionally.
Today has been a great day. In fact, this morning was good. I took a needed nap. Just had a great dinner with some dear friends. And now I am waiting for my life group to get together.

It was great to see this family. They had stuck by me through some incredible times. Anyway, the reason my I mention it is because one of the older children was here. He and his new bride were in. They have moved back into the Grand Haven area. Again, I could go into a lot more detail. When I first met this child, he was anti church anti God and the whole concept. When the family would gather to pray over a meal, he would sit there without even closing his eyes. In fact, he verbal would say he did not want anything to do with.

Well, today, this guy and wife attended the same church as the parents. This is so cool because I know the journey this family has went thru and the kids came to this realization on their own.

My point is simple. Relationships are the key to seeing people come to know Christ. We are the tangible example of how people see Christ. The mom and dad could have beat these kids over the head with the bible and chose to love the into coming to church. That to me is exciting.

The encouragement we must take from a story like it is simple. Being an example is a full time job.


Monday, February 09, 2004

Good Monday morning!

Sunday's gathering was awesome. Worship was great! Community time was great! Coffee was ....... and the message I think was right on. I have so much benefited from hear guys like Steve Deur, Steve Thompson and Nate Smith share their lives with us. There passion and vision for where the church should be is outstanding. Enough sucking up.....

I am juggling between several books currently. One is "Adventures in Missing the Point" by Brian McLaren & Tony Campolo. An excellent book! Pick it up....


Thursday, February 05, 2004

Huge winter storm coming. I can hardly wait for that. My daughter woke up this morning and asked,"Dad, do I have school today?" I said Yes. She said,"I had a dream we were not having school on Thursdays anymore..." Oh to be young again.

Speaking of which, how was that Super Bowl half time show? I read a statistic that said the Janet Jackson picture (exposing herself) was the most searched subject in a 24 hour period! It was first only to one other - the Paris Hilton Porn video.

Now I am not sure how that makes you feel but I have some in different feelings about that. With all the internet has to offer, these were the top two searches in a 24 hour period ever.

Email me your thoughts -

Later, gotta go surf some more.......

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Holy cow! It has been a long time since the last Blog. Sorry about that. Things have been a little crazy. Work is going well. I am in a good position and I am having fun; something that has not happened in a long time.

I just returned back from Philly, PA. I was doing a site visit a project I am working on. The place "fried" their audio system. And when I mean fry.....they had a sprinkler go off over the main amp/processing rack. In school, we learn that electronic devices and water do not mix. I was told one time that all electronic equipment is controlled by "black smoke". All electronic pieces have black smoke in them. Just do not let out the black smoke and things will be ok.

MEAP testing this week for my daughter. So it has been a challenge keeping well rested, well fed and motivated. Test taking is not the highest priority in her life. She is singing in a talent show on Thursday evening. Yes the proud dad speaks. I will be there with video camera in hand.

Did you check out watermark's website? Good job to all that have had part in its development.