Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday - 2008

WOW. is it really Easter time? Where does the time go?

How are u?

things are good here. Had a great time last week up in west michigan. I miss being there. But it was good to see family and friends and hang out.

Things here are busy. demands on time is great but it is still manageable. I would rather be busy than not. that is for sure.

Keep up on the political environment? i have. Not to get too political; but i see some falling apart in the democratic party. Not sure how this is going to shake out. Are we ready for a women president? are we ready for a black president? or will the GOP pull out all the stops? and where is Nader?

I don't know where i stand yet. too soon to tell. Being conservative by nature or am not sure where my loyalties lie at this point. I am sure it will become more clear as time goes on. Anyone's guess at this point.

I wished we would stop the blame game and focus on issues. the war. the economy. energy dependance. green environment improvements. healthcare.

I hope as time goes on we can see more definitive leadership in these areas and clearer communication on how change can be made.

Hope you have a blessed Easter season. He has Risen!

from the 405...
Carter Lee Clark

Friday, March 07, 2008

update #2

I have sat down to do this three times.

Dad is doing well. No cancer and no abnormal effects on the system. Should be fully recovered soon.

I am mucho better. The flu is AWFUL! but after 3 weeks, i am near 100%.

I am headed to the great white north next week. Cannot wait to see my daughter, family and friends.

In other news, the Lela Johnson Basketball tournament is happening the weekend of the 15th. The tournament raises money for 1st Priority in Grand Haven. It is cool because i have personal connection to this and am happy it is going well. I talked to Jeff about it the other night. Jeff is Lela's dad and the person who puts on the tournament (and my best friend). He is encouraged about the turn out and people signing up to play. It is a great opportunity for Jeff to speak with the kids about things. Jeff is a great speaker. And it raises money for a great organization.

Work is work. Busier than i can manage but i always say the opposite is far worse. I would rather be busy than not!

That's what up!
Becca's dad