Thursday, October 20, 2005


"i took a drug test the other day; it came back negative. Now that was great but now my dealer has some explaining to do." Dwight York.

I have been working on a construction job site for a couple weeks now. On and off, i have been there programming and debugging a control system. It has given me some time to think; which is usually scary.

It has been a rough couple of weeks. i have been wrestling with some decisions that i was not comfortable making. Nothing too drastic. Just things i need to work out.

Winding up the Fresh wind, Fresh fire series at Watermark. What a great book. very moving. i am looking forward to hearing more stories out of the groups that met during this time.

Congrats to Matt and Heidi Furr -- baby #3 arrived today. Check out Matt's blog to see pics. I am sure there will be updates.

Becca has expressed an interest in Tech stuff. In fact, she was able to serve in that capacity Monday night @ Moto. I was really pleased to hear that. One of the values her mom and i strongly have is an attitude of service for others. I was really cool to hear from others how she is "stepping" up.

I think i am going to host my 1st party at my place in the next 2 weeks. (some will say it is about time) This may not seem like a big deal but for me it is. I was at band practice last night and decided it would be good to have the band over for some grilling and time to hang. No date yet -- will keep you informed.

Well, it is late and i need to work tomorrow.

Becca's dad

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Matt said...

ok...time to get back on the horse! one month is a violation of blogging rules #194837...