Thursday, June 08, 2006

it is really not June already???

where is time going? i cannot believe that it is summer time already. I am really looking forward to summer and spending time with the Boo.

So, i have a question. When faced with life changing decisions, what do you do? What steps do you take to make the decision?

People will tell me to seek God first. I have no idea what that means. That is the heart of the quesiton. How to seek God out. Is it as "easy" as just sitting in a room and listening for God to speak?

I had the opportunity to help out a friend with a speech he was giving. He spoke to the 2006 graduating class at Grand Haven HS. One of the things he wanted to communicate (and did well) is find yourself in God and then follow Him where he leads. i am excited to what the next few years show. Our kids are being raised with a far deeper understanding of what and who God is.

Anyway, deep rant there. Becca's last day of sixth grade is tomorrow. Her dance recital is tomorrow. cool stuff.

Gotta run.

Reporting from GH,
Carter Lee Clark


Steve said...

flip a coin. it's biblical you know. they cast lots to throw jonah overboard. and they cast lots to pick judas's replacement. heads it's yes and tails it's no.

Bill Mann said...

Hey Carter, hope that you are having a great start to your summer with Becca, talk to you later. Bill Mann

Andy Brown said...

You know what I was thinking? You should put one, jus one post under your Xanga name with a link to this address. I always want to reply to you when you post, but I can't ever remember the name of your site.

Andy Brown said...

dude! loved the link. just used it, in fact.

hey, have you read "A Generous Orthodoxy"? If you have, What did you think?

Cindy Kingsbury said...

I enjoyed reading your blogs. As for decision making and seeking God first, the general answers are, of course, to read the Word more and pray more (writing my prayers helps me). How about a day away with God (no TV or other distractions allowed)? Dave and I laid out a fleece once before making the biggest decision of our lives. This isn't always recommended, but it worked for us and for Gideon. I will pray for you and I will ask God to give you His peace.

Hugs, Cindy

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