Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I am back and i'm ok

what a great weekend? it was so good to see Becca, some really close friends and watermarkers. huge props to Steve Deur who as always made me feel good to see him!

I flew into Midway Thursday evening late. I drove part of the way before getting tired and finished the rest of the trip on friday. Friday was spent fixing a problem for a customer. I picked up Becca around 4:00 and we partied. Swimming and eating and laughing. it was good!

we also saw Ghost Rider Friday night. Interesting movie.

Saturday was chilling. Swimming in the morning with some shopping. Ya know Becca is almost 13! She likes that shopping thing. The afternoon and evening were spent with the Fischers. Grilling and ribs!!!! Mmmmmmm.....7 layersalad ..mmmm ...baked beans. oh it was so good. i love the fischers (for lots of reasons) because they know how to entertain and make you feel at home! Their son Aaron (or Fish as the football coaches called him) is the coolest kid i know. It was really good to laugh and see all of them.

Sunday was the gathering. Great to connect with people i have not seen in a while. Sunday afternoon was hanging with the Johnsons and Thompsons. Great again to reconnect, laugh and talk. Thomps has some pretty funny videos on his blog about a sledding trip he made with the boys. too funny. one video is of steve sledding. he put his phone in his hat and made the video of his trip down the hill.

Well, it was good and this was long. but we have to get back to the week ahead.

thanks for listening


Steve Deur said...

Great to see you buddy!

Mike Willis said...

haha...ya there are tons of good places for the little "seccions" at the arb, however livign in your own, off-campus, house has helped a lot with that!

Thanks for readin, your blog just made me really hungry, i could go for some ribs right now! take care!


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you Carter, and it was great to see Becca again as well. We miss her smile at Moto, and we miss having you around for, well...everything. Giddy up pal!

Wallace D.

Steve Deur said...

I am closer to you right at this moment here in Tampa, FL. I am feeling the vibe baby.

Andy Brown said...

Hey, i'm glad to see things are good. it's been FOREVER, my friend! How in the heck are you? Call em or shoot me an email, man!

michael_koert said...

good to hear things are going well.