Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two Post, One Day - What is on your iPod or MP3 Player?

I know i know - two posts one day - i almost cannot handle it.

I work with a guy who absolutely hates the iPod. When asked why, he says because apple has marketed the iPod so well that every thinks that have to have it. That there is no other MP3 player. Personally, i think he is right to some degree. But i love my iPod and that is that.

I add a list of things on my iPod. it will change from time to time. I am interested in knowning what is on your iPod or MP3? is it interesting? funny? inspirational? down right dirty?

Also i added a couple bloggers i have been checking in on for some time. Mike Koert and John Patton. Lots of interesting and thought provoking things to say. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Music: mostly stuff from the 80's or stuff I listened to back in the day... From Aha to New Order, to the Smiths, to Depeche Mode, to the Stone Roses. Also more recent stuff: Kasabian, AFI, Killers, Decemberists, the Shins, Interpol... Then the worship stuff... and finally lots of talks by Tim Keller, Dwight Pryor, GET THIS podcast, Eugene Peterson...

So - that is a snap shot.

- deurty

Kevin said...

Music: Sufjan Stevens, Page France, The Decemberists, Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins, Pedro the Lion, David Bazan, Lovedrug, Ben Folds, Underoath, Radiohead, Cake, Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos and Jack Johnson have been in heavy rotation lately.

Podcasts: This American Life (obsessed with this show), Relevant Magazine, Mars Hill, XXXChurch

And lots of books and misc. Working at a factory I've become obsessed with my Zune. I had an iPod but it got stolen and I have to say that iPod does a few things better and the Zune does other things better. I wouldn't say one is overall "better" than the other. I use my Zune for videos a lot and it does that a lot better than an iPod though so it depends on what you use it for. Both are awesome though.