Thursday, June 07, 2007

has it been this long...

sorry for the delay in update.

it has been a crazy month.

things are good in OKC. we are in tornado season. that's ok. The Spectrum Group is going like gang busters. Which is great; just makes for a busy schedule.

I went back to Michigan for a week around Memorial Day. I was able to see my daughter - which was my focus. Had a great time seeing people i have not seen for a while. That was awesome. I was not able to connect with everyone i wanted to - so i apologize upfront to those i did not see.

We did alot of grilling and swimming (not at the same time). Saw some movies i had not seen. Becca did some horse back riding. That was cool.

Since i have been back, i made a trip to Atlanta. Did i mention i am moving to Atlanta for 6 months?

More on that later. i promise.


Steve Deur said...

You could go hang out with the Northpointe gang.
Hope you are doing swell.

It's a great day at the C-man's blog.

Psuchee said...

Atlanta Jazz Festival (largest free jazz festival in the USA)
yes please.

Atlanta Pride (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered Pride event)no thanks.