Friday, September 14, 2007

i am "that guy"

Ok. this is ridiculous. I have an 8 minute trip to work from home. I have to travel up south meridian avenue here in OKC. Meridian is one of the main north/south conduits here. It just so happens that on my end of meridian is under construction. So the traffic is close and it is slow.

One Wednesday, we went to the Golden Palace for lunch. It has a mongolian b-bque which i personally love. Anyway, it was a beautiful day. So i was cruizing the construction zone with my windows down.

As i was rocking to the "classic rock" - sidebar: when did 80's music become classic? - when i here some one in the opposing traffic say to me, "hey how you doing?"

So for the 2 minutes i sat there i had a brief conversation with a total stranger in traffic.

Now that is not bad enough but it happen again a little further down that same stretch.

I am that guy who people like to talk to.

from OKC talking to strangers

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Anonymous said...

You ain't supposed to talk to strangers...oh yeah that was before i was bigger.
Let me know if you know anyone who needs service...I am NATIONWIDE that out.

I miss ya and I miss jammin' with ya!