Monday, December 10, 2007

extreme weather?


right before i took the job at Spectrum, one of my future co-workers said that the weather in Oklahoma City is extreme. i am finding that out. late last week it was in the 40's here. for the last three days, it has been raining and freezing. we have ice and lots of it. many places out of power including some of my friends and co-workers. hopefully, that will correct itself soon.

anyway, we had our company christmas party friday night. good time was had by all.

in other new, i had an eye doctor exam on from friday and picked up contacts. i was having problems with my glasses seeing up close. so, the eye doc suggested having two different prescriptions in each eye to compensate. i understand this is a common practice. so i am trying it. i am having alittle tought time but it going well.

Getting ready to head to west michigan. can't wait to see my daughter.

Well, that is all for now.


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