Monday, January 21, 2008

it is like running the 90 yard dash...

the only problem is it is a 100 yard race.

This is the way i felt last night when the NY Giants kicker did his job under pressure and weather conditions. As i sat there watching the Packers dream of a super bowl game go down the toilet, i was thinking about the weird year in football. College games that were major upsets all season. It just goes to show anyone can get beaten by anyone at anytime.

I know this is a long leap but....

this is why we need to by on guard - as a family, as husband and wife. On guard, because anyone can get beaten at anytime, anywhere. I like to watch TV land sometimes. They run the show MASH alot. This particular episode BJ Hunnicut was struggling with the fact that he found a women overseas. She was perfect. Her attitude, sense of humor, the look. Lets not forget that his character is married and has a child.

The odd ball part of it was a part of the dialogue. He was talking to this lady. She is apparently a journalist - so she comes and goes as the news hits or as she pleases. His comment was he is trapped. He wakes to the army; he sleeps for the army; he eats what the army tells him to eat. She can come and go as she pleases. She tries to make him feel better. He gets more enraged. He is trapped at home with his wife and that house...he confesses.

I am not sure where i am headed with these thoughts. I just know how easy it is to get distract. I know how easy it is to lose someone very special. I know how numb i became. i know the hard work it has taken to come as far as we have. I know the pain of waking up and not having family there.

Wow. i guess the show did bug me a little.


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Roses said...

Frustrating how you try to watch a good comedy to relax and unwind, and you end up all tense and upset.

Stupid television.