Monday, August 25, 2008


i just received a not so positive comment about my last post.

I was not trying to make a statement about dirty laundry. I was not trying to make a statement about my ex wife or her husband. I have a pretty good relationship with them and would not want to damage that. I will certainly call them and talk to them about it. I certainly did not want to offend anyone or to upset anyone who might be reading this blog. If i have, i am certainly sorry. I am sure my daughter does call and talk to her mom about things that are going on here when she visits. Not everything happens perfectly in anyones world.

I was commenting on my decision to move to Oklahoma and how i feel far away from my daughter. I have struggled with the decision. I was trying to focus on that and only that. Maybe i should have been clearer with my intent. I removed the posting because i do not want any further confusion or misunderstanding.

For the person who left the comment, thanks for commenting. I meant no harm in the statement.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am sorry someone took offense to your blog. I understood every bit of it. Jay Z and I had the same issue with Kendra after her dad and I divorced. It takes years sometimes, but if everyone makes the effort it does work itself out. We are now to the point where we all hang out together (all three parents) and help Kendra with her Kart racing. Becca is a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders and will be ok because she knows that she has parents that love her and want nothing but the best for her! Don't second guess your decision it will only make you crazy, your a great dad and she knows that.
We miss you,
Sue and Jay Z
p.s. Campfires miss you too!

C-Man said...

Sue and of course Jay Z.

Thanks for the comment and your note of experience. I appreciate it.

I am sure the person ment no harm in the comment but it did make me think.

and i miss you guys too. Hey i am up this next week... need to meet at camp slayton! you in??