Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well i tried a different church on Sunday. it was good. i have been hanging at Life Church South here in OKC. Not really getting connected very well. The church i hit on Sunday is one attended by one of my co-workers. Interesting. It is a Church of Christ. Extremely traditional; no instruments; music from hymnal; speaker was good.

This quite a major transition for me. i like music. i like a worship band; not for the emotional rush, but i just like to hear music. I may hang here for a bit. Not sure, but i will pray it thru.

The paradox of my life is i deal with some of the most technically based churches in the states. large ones with high expections for their worship experience. yet, when it is all said and done, i like an acoustic set - one singer, guitar, piano, percussion. Weird i know.

Still rough times with cash flow at work. Times is hard - a friend of mine i used to work with would say. Would be nice to see cash flow improve and flow again.

once cash does start moving, the first place i am headed is to see my daughter. it has been too long.

it is late. Personal trainer kicking my butt in the morning. Good night

PS Facebook rocks!

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Anonymous said...

My friend! May I say it is tough to hear that things are tough...but I understand, truly I do. I want to tell you that you are in my prayers daily! You are an encouragement to me, so keep writing!

Proud of you for the personal trainer, not something I am tough enough for!

Hang in there, prayers for you to see Becca soon!