Monday, September 14, 2009

My Daughter is a 10th Grader

I was thinking the other day - where does the time go? Becca is a sophomore. Ug. Getting ready to take drivers ed. I was speaking to Becca's mom the other day - planning out some upcoming things that need to be purchased. Wow, seems like things move too fast. Pictures, year books, clothes, braces - or now no braces - band camp, color guard, football games, i just cannot keep up.

But things are good in Grand Haven. Becca has a challenging year ahead. She has a few classes that are going to require some time reading. But she has her "game face" on and i think it will be ok.

One regret i have is i wished a was a bigger reader. I think i go thru spurts. I get interested then lose interest. then it comes over me again. I really am a fair weather reader.

I really think this is going to be a good year for Becca. I pray she stays focused and keeps moving.

Here in OKC, things are heating up. I recently accepted a promotion at work. I am still trying to figure out if it was a good thing or not. It is challenging. Some of the dynamics of my boss are very interesting to say the least. I have a good team here. We get lots of stuff done and time to play too. My boss is learning sometimes the hard way how to be a better businessman. Sometimes kicking and screaming but he is learning.

Still looking for a church. I have been hanging at one for several months now. Still not connecting very well. I think the teaching is good and the worship style is close to mine but i have not locked in just yet. Going to give it a few more tries though.

I am hopeful i will be traveling back to michigan soon. Catch up with friends and family. I miss them so. Next round i need to catch up with my nephews while i am there. Man, talk about growing up. I want them on Facebook. Reminds me just how much older i am now.

Weight loss update. slowed way down. Could be because i am not taking enough time to do it. Ug. need to get back on that pony and ride!

Well, keep reading.

C of the C squared.

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Psuchee said...

Thanks for the update and Congrats on the Promotion!