Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Finally....the rain comes

Yeah, wet and rainy here in West Michigan. We need it. It was putting a crimp in my fire burning plans.

Anyway, all is well.

I had mentioned a while ago that (3) guys and myself have started a multimedia company. We are having a great time. We have done some residential and some commercial applications. Things are ramping up in a good fashion. Not enough for me to quick my job -- but it will get there.

The coolest thing to happen, so far, is that we are going to be highlighted on Fox 17 Tech Trends. It is a spotlight that Fox does to highlight hip and cool technology. So, they finished the filming yesterday and it will air during the Fox 17 News at 10:00 May 17th. I am happy about the exposure we will get and the fact that we now are linked to their website.

Pretty cool.

Gotta go for now.

A legend in my own mind,

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