Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday May 15,2005

Go to and listen to the last three weeks of gatherings. Awesome stuff.

After the gathering today, Becca had a friend, Cassie, over for lunch and hang out. It was cool. So i fired up the grill, and we had a great time. Well, the girls did. There was one moment when they were in Becca's room. Becca had fired up her fog machine. I opened the door and could not see the wall on the other side it was soooo foggy.

We also went to Craigs Cruisers for about an hour and a half. I only bring this up because there is a point in here. I guess i spent about $20.00. We played games and received about 1720 tickets. They split it up the tickets. I watched each of them carefully pick out the prizes they won. It was great to watch.

Then we decided to go out and feed the fish. Becca brought about $2.50 and they split that up. A quarter for a handful of "fish food". At one point another little girl came up. I witnessed Cassie taking this girl over to the fish food dispenser and showing her where to get the food. Then i watched as Becca and Cassie decided to give the girl a quarter to get some fish food. They laughed as Becca actually touched one of the fish.

When we got back in the car, I asked them what was the greatest part of the day. The answer was clear. The time spent feeding the fish.

I only mention it because i think there is a message in here.

Yup. to bed i go.

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