Thursday, July 21, 2005

ten days later....

well much has happening.

I went to a Promise Keepers. My first. Interesting experience.

Becca had a death in the family. Her cat - Penny. But she and mom ended up getting (2) cutie pie kittens -- Dusty and Angel. Yes, i have met them. They are cute. But it was a tramatic experience for Becca & and her mom. But all is good now.

I have been asked how the training of Tigger is going. To date, he is doing a great job of training Becca. Heh heh heh. He tolerates and humors her trying to teach him things. Definately, that cat beats to his own drum.

All is good at Audio Systems Unlimited. Busy, busy, busy. The way i like it.

All is good at Watermark.

Two things i walked away from Promise Keepers with. 1. a renewed commitment to the basics. 2. Passion for something. I am sure i will expound on that at someother point.

gotta go for now.

are we at a point of no return while we are just dust in the wind?


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