Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ok ok -- stop the presses!

There's a joke about a man who dies and goes to heaven. During the tour, his angel guide suddenly shushes him and tip-toes past a cloud with very tall walls. When they reach a distance, the man asks, "What was that cloud back there? How come we had to be so quiet?" And the angel guide replies, "Oh, that's the Lutheran wing. We have to be quiet because they think they're the only ones up here."

You know what the basic problem is? We all act like six year olds. Your wrong. No your wrong. NO YOUR WRONG.

We have a forgiving and understanding God. He is not going to condemn us all for not being the "RIGHT" religion. He would condemn us for our sinful nature, and theres not a religion or person out there that does not fit that bill. Thank the Lord for your grace and forgiveness or we would all be condemned. I try to lead my life as he would intend. Not always successful at it but I have always been a firm believer.

God is in pursuit of us. He loves us inspite of ourselves. I wonder how the world would change if 1. we love the Lord and 2. love our neighbors as ourselves. It is amazing the spins "we" put on things and label it God's will. Why can't we agree to disagree and move forward? You could take the Free Methodists, Wesleyans and Nazarene churchs, throw them in a bag, shake them up and not know who is how -- yet a merger of those demoninations will never happen because they cannot agree how the church should be structured. And alot of it boils down to verbage. Its a lobby -- no a narthex -- yikes?

well, i will not get lost in a debate about religions. Everyone has a little different way of worshiping. I just want to echo what has already been written -- thank you Lord that you are gracious and forgiving. Or heaven would be a lonely place to be.

that's my thought for the day,

signing off,

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