Monday, August 29, 2005

Well, it has been a while


I was reminded last night that i have not blogged in a while. It was STRONGLY recommended that i update ASAP. In fact, this person has always been influental in my life and i knew i had better get it updated. Do not wake the sleeping bear.

Anyway, i had the opportunity to attend a birthday party yesterday for my nephew, Seth or big boy Seth. He is a character. When the Cary family move to their current residence, Seth was the one who knew all the neighbors before anyone else in the family. He is a bundle of energy and creativity. All of my nephews are a riot!! I enjoy to see them. And most of the family were there. It is always enjoyable to see and reconnect.

One of the best parts was a gift given by Mark and Marni. M & M are one of Seth's aunt and uncle. They live in Holland. A great couple and awesome kids. Anyway, the gift is an electric guitar that once touched plays guitar riffs and chord progressions. It is loud and obnoxious. He was running around -- making noise the rest of the evening.

it was fun!

Becca is winding down the summer and getting ready for school. Becca and her mom will be headed out soon to tackle the new school clothes hunt. The binder has been purchased and the backpack washed. I had the opportunity to see Becca's recently decorated locker. She is such a girl and her locker looked great.

Things are ASU are continually busy. I will be on a job local jobsite most of the week making the system work. That will be fun. Pulse Intermedia continues to ramp up slow but surely.

Gotta go for now!!!!


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