Monday, September 12, 2005

New school year -- new look

Do you like it?

It was out of necessity...or not. The comment engine driver i was using is not going to be available anymore. So i needed to change up to get the comment ability from Blogger.

Great weekend. Diving head first into "Fresh Wind Fresh Fire" book. I am excited about that.

I went catching this weekend. Yes, fishing is great; but catching is better. On the big lake, with a great friend, catching fish....ummmmm. how did we do? 4 of 6 with (2) steelhead, (1) king salmon and (1) lake trout. They currently reside in Jeff Johnson's freezer.

Just remember there is only one thing worse than falling into a outhouse -- and that is opening your mouth to scream (while falling into the outhouse)!!!!


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