Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Yeah, my side kick - Becca. This pic was taken a couple years ago at Crane's orchard. I have more recent pics -- i just really like this one. I am so proud of her. She is growing up too fast! When she is motivated, she goes! White Pines, the school she attends, is in this sell mode. The flavor of the week -- magazines. The school had a contest. if a student sold "X" amount of magazine subscriptions in a short period of time, they get to ride in a Hummer limo! Well, Becca loves the Hummer (like her father.)(not the H3, kinda like the H2, BUT love the H1). And made the goal. Now if i could get her to clean her bedroom! (hmmmmm...maybe i need to buy an H1???)

I am spending Monday nights with the Moto crew. I am excited about that. They are CRAZY! Middle schoolers are cool. I am looking forward to mondays! I so respect the leadership of our Genmark community. They have it goin' on.

Spent last night at a Church Building forum. It was cool. Many things discussed. Hopefully, people left with some good information. I did miss my FWFF group last night. I am bummed about that. I spoke to the group leader last night. He was extremely excited about the time. So i am looking forward to next week.

So i am excited about things at Watermark -- gatherings, Moto, FWFF group. i am lovin' it.

Why are we not playing golf?


Adam said...

Carter, the baby isn't born yet. So i guess you should know that the name of the mother is Rachel. Thanks.

~ Adam ~

Matt said...

What a girl!!!

I never knew you played golf!!

Mrs. Mojito said...

Consider yourself reinstated......