Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday night

Hiho! Kermit the frog here! What the?

Well, i am wishing i was home right now but i am not. You see, i am finishing a video dvd for a friend. I am having some problems with the equipment in the rendering process. Unfortunately the real problem is that i am impatient. I know find i hard to believe but i am. so i thought while my computer i rendering i would blog.

The Becca is down with the flu. So much so that mom drove her to emergency yesterday afternoon. Apparently, Becca was throwing up so much that she became dehydrated. Pretty scary since i work in Zeeland and could not break away. But by last night Becca and mom were home and all was looking mucho better. I spoke to the Boo tonight and she sounded fine.

New Years day! What an interesting day. Becca and I spent New Years Eve with some friends. rang in the new year and headed home. Yeah we were both tired. Next morning, we had one combined gathering. That was cool. I played -- always a good time. Then we had some down time before the Hilson, Hempinstal, Fisher, Cary, Furr Christmas (white elephant). That was interesting. We had great food and lots of laughs. Especially when the white elephant gifts came out. In fact, you will all be impressed to know that i actually received a "white elephant" as my white elephant gift. I have named him Jumbo and he seems to be getting along with Tigger the Cat.

Well, the video only had another 30 minutes to go.

Go X-box 360! (yeah right)


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