Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I did not watch the Oscars. I am not in touch with my feminine side to do that. But i did catch up on some articles and listened to talk radio shows the day after. With all the hype, one would think that there was some huge discovery being made. the hype leading up to the Oscars would make you think a new cure for cancer was happening. It is amazing to me how much the hype does not match the actual event.

Why do i bring this up? i am curious about the amount of influence Hollywood has on the general public. Hollywood has a long standing tradition of bring social issues to light. From the racial issues to youth-in-asian to just this year two gay cowboys, Hollywood brings that stuff up for all to see. i did happen to hear George Clooney speak. He said -- something like -- we should be proud of the fact that we are the extreme left on issues.

There were other parts of that speech i cannot remember. But i wonder what was he really saying. i wonder how many people watch what happens in Hollywood and basis their decisions on what they hear.

It is so important for us to engage with people. the influence we have in our own little circle is extremely important. I am not saying we need to march and hang posters that say "God Hates Fags". (that is a whole other thought i will not address right now.) I think a consistent, humble, Christ-like mentality is the key.



Jason said...

Time out..wait a minute...you're not in touch with your feminine side enough to watch the oscars (which makes no sense)..but you WATCH TALK SHOWS???

You must be so masculine, that you're a woman...TALK SHOWS...what the crap Carter...be a man...

heh heh

love ya

Arkay said...

Carter?? I was thinking...maybe for Halloween this year..you and I could get some way cool dresses..not shave our faces for about a week..put on a wig and hang a cigar out of our mouth and maybe sit down and have a long conversation about the feminine side of life...dude..you have both your ears pierced now...you are a metrosexual!!! Next you'll be coloring your hair and wearing bling bling with an armani silk shirt...I can tell Carter..it's just a matter of time.

Carter Clark said...

Roachie -- i am scared of getting in touch with my feminine side. Can you help me? And i modified the blog. i listen not watch talk shows. (i am a secret member of the Oprah book club...what the?)

Arkay -- you are a crazy wild man. it sounds like you may have some dresses in the closet already?? not me man...
and i have to mention--i talked to Joni Morgan about highlights for the hair. it is true. Metrosexual -- here i come.


Adam said...

Hey man! Isn't it interesting to realize the influence that Hollywood has on the general public?

Well, perhaps you can find SOME relief in knowing that a good ol' guy like me is attempting to have a strong positive influence on Hollywood - for the better, too. ;-)

Anyway, good seeing you on Sunday. Take care, and I'll see you later!

~ Adam ~