Monday, March 27, 2006

Bob & Tom

I am not a big bob & tom fan. i was flipping thru the radio stations this morning and heard a news story. last thursday, a man went to a strip club. Now that is not where the story ends. The man took his 4 year old son with him! now that is not bad enough, he left the child in the car and told him that monsters would eat him if he got out of the car.

I am not sure how to react. Outraged is the first thought! I mean really what was the dad thinking?? Wow, what is that? Maybe a child should be left in a car, thinking monsters are going to eat him while his dad gets his jollys in a strip club.

Wow, where are people's heads these days?

Well, what a get weekend we had. I did some spring cleaning. I played at the gathering -- that was fun.

Becca has a big science test today. we spent time studying.


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