Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday, Monday, Monday

well another week starts. what a long week last friday? yes you heard me. it felt like a whole week in one day. I, and two of my co-workers (my boss included), went to the Kalamazoo area for a site visit and then to northern indiana to correct a problem with a system. The 1st part of the trip was great (except that it rained and it was muddy). Accomplished what we wanted to with the trip.

The 2nd part of the trip was rough. even though we were able to correct the problem -- it seemingly took forever to do. In fact, my boss was really late for a dinner party at his house -- kudos to his wonderful wife (and daughter) for holding the fort down until he arrived.

Great weekend. It was awesome playing on Sunday. I really enjoy that. I have always struggled with the motive for doing things. Let me explain. I used to be more interested in being someone's friend so i could say i was that person's friend. I wanted to be Steve Deur's friend so i could drop his name in conversation. You should see people in awe over that!!! heh heh. I wanted to be Nate Smith and Wally Harrison's friend because that somehow made me cooler (which in reality it did.) But i can honestly say that i have been prayerfully delivered from that. Thank you Jesus. It was that same way with music. I just enjoyed more that i could say i am part of the band. But again, i am glad i am over that. i can honestly say i am enjoying the worship experience more for the "right" reasons. Which is great!

Well, Becca's birthday is tomorrow. That will be fun! big 12! man am i getting old.


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