Thursday, April 06, 2006

what an "interesting" couple weeks.

Well here is the what is happening....

We had teacher conferences last week. That is always an interesting time. Becca has her mom for some classes. So i sat across the desk from my ex-wife. I am so thankful i have a good relationship with her. Life would be so difficult without that. Becca is doing well in school. Having a little struggle in science but i and her mom are very pleased.

So Becca has been on spring break since last wednesday. and will be on spring break until next monday! i am not sure how that happened -- but 12 days off for spring break -- nice.

Last Friday, i played hookie and becca and i hung out together. I made breakfast -- couple eggs, bacon, and toast -- and we launched into our play day off. We visited the Mongolian Barbeque. Love that place. Food is great. I get to assembly. i am happy. I do not even get up to go prepare anymore. Becca is learning the fine art of spice. That is great. She does not like it but she is not afraid to try it. So, i had a prime rib meal with minced garlic, salt, pepper, soy sauce, a smige of curry, and an egg. it was very good. loved it.

After lunch, we went to visit the butterfly exhibit. that is always cool to see. We took lots of pictures. Becca even had (2) butterflies land on her. Cool. While we were there, we went thru the children's outdoor exhibit. That was fun too. especially since the weather was ok. it was great to be outside. i have serious cabin fever.

more later

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