Sunday, November 19, 2006

and the winds of change start to blow

Hi all

yes i have been keeping quiet about some things. one is a job change in my future. i needed to keep it quiet but the cat is out of the bag. i am moving to a company called Spectrum Design Group in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There are a dozen reasons why and this decision comes out of hours of prayer. I leave my old employer with good feelings and honestly i am going to miss the guys i work with there.

As time goes on, i will fill in my detail. But for tonight, Becca and I went to a Watermark gathering tonight called Core Focus. This is a time for people who call Watermark home to come, hear stories about what is going on thru Watermark. It was so cool to hear about how God is using our laundry facilities to impact peoples lives. It was awesome to hear about the vision of our new church planters. Yes, Watermark after 3 years is birthing another church. HOW EXCITING!.

I was reluctant to go. I see myself as such a minor part at Watermark. We all have our role to play in the body of Christ, right? I have just been playing my part. So i just wanted to go to OK and leave my "family" at Watermark behind. Well that was not in the cards. They took the opportunity to talk about my move, to pray over me and celebrate the decision. It was pretty cool. i am so thankful for a place where i am accepted for me!

Well more later.


Anonymous said...

Hey Carter!
Glad things are moving ahead rather smoothly for you. It's a big change, and big step away from all you love. My heart goes out to you.
I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

(Maybe time to turn on the word verification feature, eh?)

Arkay said...

Okay...I am happy...seems OK needs da' funk. It's a little closer to Cali..just what I wanted...Nationwide Watermarkers.

chuckles said...

How sad we are losing you.Only a parent knows how hard it is for both of us, But things will work and only god knows what.

Steve Deur said...

I know you will do great in OKC - great place. We'll miss you and the funky beats you lay down. :)

We never did do that "techno worship" gathering. That should be a top priority for a visit back to West Michigan!