Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

Hi there

from the land of OK and drivers who do not know how to drive on ice, i bid thee hello. No joking there. we have be buried in ice. it has sucked because this ENTIRE area has shut down. So, thank God the electricity did not go out.

Other than the weather, things are going ok. i am starting to feel like i know where i am going and that is good. Work is great. things are slowly falling into place. Our company is out of control busy and it is taking a toll on our people. but there are far worse problems like not having any work at all.

We, becca & I, are making the transition ok. We talked often and have lots to say. We are set up on the video chat thing now and that has helped ALOT.

Still looking for a church. There is an all cowboy church here. i refuse to even go near. too much reality there.

If you think of it, pray for me. Weekends and nights are extremely long.

out for now,


Roses said...

An all-cowboy church?
What, instead of saying Amen, they say YeeHaw?

Stacey said...

Ok, if we get a chance to come and visit you out there we are totally going to the Cowboy Church!! Please, Please, PLEASE!!!!!

C-Man said...

Rose - YES! and i am sure several giddy ups too

Stacey - you three come this far and i will make sure we do!