Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

One of the things i missed last sunday morning is the time honored "goals for 2007" teaching i sure went on at watermark and SLWC. I am almost positive that these teachings happened because it is such good stuff to think about this time of the year. goals goals goals....

because the amount of driving i have done (over the last 2 weeks), i have had some time to think about what i would like this new year to look like. relationships, new location, new job, finances, physical. i have run the list.

Do you have goals for the new year?



Jason said...

Ok man, let's get together...

I don't have your digits anymore. I"m emailing your at your gmail account hoping you still ahve it..

hope to hear from you soon


Steve said...

So, what's your word/theme for the year? This is my first year doing one, and probably my first year ever that I'll be following through on any kind of resolution kind of thingy.

That's probably what you should look for in a church... make sure they have a theme/word for the year.

Steve Deur said...

My goal is to make a goal about making a goal.