Thursday, February 01, 2007


I have been here since mid-december. we have had (2) ice related storms and (2) snow related storms. the temperature has not creeped much over 40 degrees. Now for a guy from Michigan, this is not much for me to be concerned with. But the drivers here freak out.

the thing that kills me is i thought i was leaving the snow behind. i have be harassed heavily at work about "bringing the snow with me" or "you did not need to pack that up too". I am told that this is a fluck. this snow thing only happens once every ten years. well....i don't believe. just like the ground hog, i think we have alot more winter ahead of us.

enough about that.

things here are busy. business is good and solid - which is great. it my social life that suffers.

I have been communicating with becca - video and telephone. i will be making the trip to michigan soon.

Why are we in iraq? if the CIA has stopped searching for Bin Laden, why are we still occupying Afghanistan? how much money has the US government spent on this war?



Roses said...

Do they have GroundHog Day in Oklahoma? If it's normally NOT a snowy place, what would be the point?

We're waiting to see Bin Laden's shadow so we'll know how many more years of war we'll have.

Steve Deur said...

Miss ya over in full blown winter country. It is cold and lots of snow! Ahhhh. Imagine that walk from the high school parking lot into the gathering this Sunday. Yikes. :)