Sunday, February 04, 2007

so you say the super bowl....

is in a few hours. the day where people all over gather to watch the game of the year. just so we are clear, i would like the Bears to win. No reason really.

So a coworker and his family were going to the movies on friday. they invited me to go. i have not seen a movie in quite some time so i decided to go. Had a great time. lots of laughs. they had been wanting to see the Messengers for quite some time. that is what we saw. I wished i had the 2 hours back and the $8.50.

it sucked.

on more positive news. i am traveling all month. California, georgia, all over. And i will be in michigan the first weekend in March. YeeHaa

so there you have it.


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Anonymous said...

Favorite Super Bowl commercial:
The Coca Cola one with the old guy who drink Coke for the first time, then wonders what else he's been missing.