Monday, October 22, 2007

ok. there are times when life is just plain good

Ok. what i am about to write may not seem like a big thing but i am busting at the seams to share. I also know that this may be a small speck but...

I was talking to becca today. We talk almost daily. It is awesome. It helps keeps the distance shorter than it is. She was telling me that she is writing an essay. The essay is on who she thinks is her hero.

She had thought this out. Her mom. Her favorite teacher. My best friend Jeff Johnson. Two people from watermark (who have now moved on to other ministry positions) - wally harrison and jason deroche. and me. At this point i was really excited to make the list. So she proceeds to tell me why she chose each person. Great descriptions of how these individuals impact and impacted her life. Then she tells me who she chose to write the article on and why. It is me. i was and still am blown away.

Well, thanks for letting me brag for a moment.



Stacey said...

That is so awesome. You know you've "made it" as a parent when your kid tells you that you're their hero and puts it on paper. Congrats!! :)

C-Man said...

thanks stacey! i appreciate the thoughts!