Tuesday, February 08, 2005

i am hear to tell you...

I have been battling with Charter Communications for the last 2 days. Where to start?? 1st of all, and i am not bragging, i am above average when it comes to technology. So when i started having problems with my cable modem, i did not hessitate to call. After several conversations and trying their suggestions, i suggested taking the modem back. There was some resistance to that thought. I did and retrieved another modem. All was good until i hooked it up and tried using it. Understand, the 1st modem was randomly resetting itself. They were cool replacing it as it was a power failure. The second modem was not communicating with my wireless router. Yeah, blah blah. The frustrating thing is that they kept saying it was not plugged in or my computer was bad.

all this to say that after 2 1/2 days of frustrating -- in a 100 years no one will care. Actually, it was not until i spoke to a supervisor that he confirmed my opinion and traded it for a "new" modem. Life is better with on line action.

Well, becca was home yesterday -- whatever creeping crud is going around. Good to spend time with her even though she was not feeling well.

ta ta for now.

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