Friday, February 04, 2005

it is really foggy

i am watching the morning news and they are commenting on the fog. Ottawa county is covered with a fog. the problem is that the temperature is in the teens. So it is creating a slippery situation out there. As always, let's be careful out there.

during our recent gatherings, we broke into community groups after the teaching time. this was a cool idea because it really promotes community. because the gooch was deathly ill on sunday, i had the opportunity to step in and help out. well, part of that was announcing this would be the last week of the community groups. there were several people who said they were dissapointed with that decision. i would ask why. the concensus was they were enjoying meeting and talking in there groups.

one of our core values i strongly stand behind is community and life groups. i think we all need to be involved in lg and community. Life groups to me encompass any group we get together throughout our week. so we have a family group, sunday night group, job group, watermark group, coffe group....i look at my life and realize we are in and out of groups all day long. I am not saying that in everyone of these groups we are praying, singing, and taking an offering. but it allows me to look at these realtionships differently.

We are in a truth series. we discussed the living truth. Now we switch to living the truth. the next couple weeks should be great. We are now ramping up for Easter.

Well, need to get moving. received a call from Becca's mom yesterday...Becca is sick. i hate to hear that.


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