Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I have been busy

Yes it is true.

Weekend recap: Friday Night: hung with jeff at a fire. Solved the worlds problems; hired a new pope and now have world peace. Then i received a call from becca. They were in Holland after traveling 24 hours to get there and wanted to know if we should hook up. No worries there. I waited for her to arrive.

Saturday: at 4:00 am, i have a visit in my room saying, "dad, i am used to getting up at this time. I want to go watch TV." My ex-mother-in-law used to say, "don't wake the sleeping bear". And Becca did that. I had all i could do not to reinforce how much i did not appreciate being woke up. I convinced her to go back to bed. Sidebar: I really have appreciated the relationship i had and have with my ex-in laws. (all of them). They have worked hard in acceptance of me and i really appreciated it. Anyway, Becca did not get up until almost 9:30. Hmmmm father knows what?

It was a low key day. Mostly trying to get Becca acclaimed to "normal" life again. THIS JUST IN: Training of cat not going so well......news at 11:00. I know you find it hard to believe but Tigger does not like the training. He is moody i swear. He definately humors Becca as she is convinced he is making progress.

Sunday--not much to report.

Monday -- Becca's birthday. (and Dakota Smith) She went to Moto and had a great time.

So, tonight, we are getting together as a family to celebrate Becca's birthday at her favorite restaurant. Oy. I hate Johnny Carinos. I had (2) bad experiences there and cannot get over it. But it is for the girl, so I can set things aside.

I received an email the other day about a Church Planting course. Hmmmmm. Any thoughts?

Gotta go,

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