Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What a great weekend?

Man, it was good.

Friday night, campfire.

In addition, Jeff and I went to the 1st Priority office and met with a group headed south to do a basketball camp. The coolest part about that was encouraging the team and praying with them. I am expecting to hear some great stories when they get back.

Saturday was low key. Did some work around my place; stuff i needed to do. But it was good hanging with the cat and working.

Sunday--Fall ahead; spring what the? Yes, i set my clock back as oppose to ahead. At least i did not head to church. YIKES. After clock issues, i played on the worship team. I love that. I look forward to it.

Heard some great teaching. Mission, mission, mission. All good to hear.

Pot luck life group Sunday night. That was good. Fellowship and eating and praying.


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