Saturday, June 11, 2005

hazy, hot & humid

seems to be the way the weather has been described. It is Saturday morning and i am at the ASU office taken care of business. It is unusual for us to work weekends but we have some projects that need to get done. Thank God for overtime.

The Boo is on a marathon trip to Chicago. Becca's mom, aunt and 2 cousins are making the round trip to Chicago and back in a day. Becca's other aunt and uncle live in Chicago now. They are mucho closer and this will help promote more trips to Chicago. Anyway, Libby (becca's youngest cousin) turned 1 this week. So a trip was planned to go and visit. I said this in an earlier blog, but check out Heidi Furr's blog. There is a great pic of Libby doing what she does best!

This afternoon is a BBQ with my business partners in GR. There were several foundational principals by which Pulse Intermedia was created by. One is that we, as business owners, would get together outside of work. We are going to work together. We enjoy one another's company. So, we 1/4erly we get together (with wives and families) and do something. Fun will be had by all.

Driven Part 2 this weekend. I am on the keys and it should be exciting.

That's it for now.

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