Thursday, June 09, 2005

What a week?

I think i expounded that this week is crazy busy. I know all of you are feeling the pains -- so i will not go any further.

But with everything, recitals, graduations, school activities, i find hard not to feel alone. At work, i am in an office all day with little conversation. At home (without Becca), i have the cat. He is not much conversation wise -- entertaining but not talkative. I am shifting gears -- I am not sure why but it is happening.

I am not going to put comments on because i want to be clear that i am not feeling sorry for myself or that i want people to comment. it is not like that. I am commenting about where I am at right now.

On an upnote, my landlord put in central air at my place this week. On my goodness, what a difference!!! unbelievable!

Had a great weekend with Dr. and Mrs. Mojito! Fire, food, beverage!!! And my business partner John was there too. Double whammy! Is that show still on?

No whammy! No whammy!

Anyway, Becca is going to her cousins birthday party (1 year) this friday or saturday. check out Heidi Furr's link to see pics.

Gotta go for now.
Sleepless in GH

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