Thursday, December 21, 2006

Well - i made it

Yes, it is true. i am in oklahoma. Giddy up! the trip was extremely long and i am tired but it is good to be here.

My place is cool. it will be good until i can figure out the lay of the land. Our company office is moving. SO i did not want to commit to a place and then find out i have an hour trip to work. Right now it is about 5 minutes. tough i know.

Becca and i are still dealing with the separation stuff. Pray for her. It will work it is just a difficult time for us. Also please be praying for another realtionship i am trying to work some things out with. A delicate time for sure.

God is good and so is the weather right now. I am flying back to Michigan for Christmas and then i don't know. this has all been a blur.

More later


Anonymous said...

for shizzle digits haven't changed...I"m in Canadia at the moment..will be back on the 29th...we should hook up for new years..come to KC and I'll take you out for some sweet BBQ


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're getting back for Christmas.
That'll help a LOT for Becca to adjust. It'll speak VOLUMES!

Merry Christmas!

Kirby said...

Hey, Jeff told me you stopped by Barnes and Noble shortly after you arrived in Michigan. Thanks for your support. We'll be praying for you and Becca.

Roses said...

Sorry, Tarter.
Anonymous #2 was me.