Saturday, December 30, 2006

the move is complete

and the Christmas holiday behind.

I cannot believe the whirlwind that has been my life for the last 2 weeks. Let me explain. After moving 1100 miles, i was blessed with some guys at work helping the unload process. Now is the challenge of getting out of those boxes.

i had negotiated a trip back to west michigan for Christmas to see my daughter. Let me tell you. I felt a little like the guys from planes, trains, and automobiles. I arrived at the airport saturday morning at 3:30 am. I did this to see if i could get my seating set and all that jazz. when the ticketing agent opened up, we all found out that flights going to chicago were canceled because of the snow situation in denver. I spent 2 hours trying to get re-routed on another flight another airline or even dog sled. But i was determined to be home for Christmas - u can count on me..... yada yada. I did find out that the only way home (flying) was to wait until the 26th. that was not acceptable. So i cashed in my ticket and rented a car. and off i drove back to michigan.

I arrive on Christmas eve. I had not done any shopping for becca so off i went. That was alot of fun. But i was able to get what i needed and rolled from there.

Christmas eve i was suppose to hook up with becca. My "ex" family always gets together on Christmas eve and has chinese dinner. Good times! I was still shopping and could not make the dinner. that was a bummer. anyway, i received a call from becca's mom early evening. I was already in route to meet them, but the conversation was becca is getting sick. Something she ate we all agreed. At the time of the call, she was in another restuarant worshiping the porclein god. we all agreed it would be better for the becca to head to the farm and chill for the evening.

Sidebar: the thompsons let me use their house while they were on the east side visiting family. Shout out to them for the use of the crib!!!! Also, i ended up with one of their towels. Sorry guys. Don't charge my credit card. i will bring it back.

So Christmas morning rolls around. I have a wonder breakfast at the Johnsons. that was awesome. I received a call from becca and away i went. We opened gifts at the farm. that was fun. Becca was totally geeked and Tigger was doing awesome. after a little bit, Becca's mom and husband decided they were going to visit some family. No prob as becca and i were trying to figure out what to do from there. As they were pulling out, they backed into my rental car. DUH! OUCH! that was a bummer. it was an accident. So i called the rental company to figure out what to do.

So becca and i chilled out the rest of the day and night.

The next day we spent a portion of the day dealing with insurance, police reports and the rental company. SUCK OUT LOUD! But becca and i were able to go and hang with the fischer clan. It was awesome to see them again.

by now it is wednesday, we, becca and me, are hanging - watching movies, eating at her favorite restuarant.

So i left on Thursday to OK.

And here i am.

Overall, it was great to see family and friends. Most of all, it was great to spend quality time with becca. I miss her in the worst way.

So, i am busy at home trying to get out of boxes. And i am busy at work - projects never stand still. I am trying to get my way around OKC. Also in search of a good church. should be an interesting journey.

More later.


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